GTL! Pregnant Snooki stays in shape custom-made work-out program created by JWoww!

Snooki got a lot of press when she slimmed down last year by cutting back on her drinking, eating healthy, and working out. But just because she’s pregnant doesn’t mean she can’t keep up her fitness level. BFF JWoww even custom-made a special gym routine for pregnant Snooki so that she was able to join her and their boyfriends when they hit the gym!

JWoww, whose boyfriend is a bodybuilder, tells Us Weekly, “I know a lot of pregnant girls and I made a pregnancy routine for Nicole at the gym so she can go with us — very light and easy.”

Although Snooki surely gets a workout while wearing her signature high heels, JWoww still encourages her to do more — and for good reason. “When her belly gets bigger, she needs to be able to support [the baby],” JWoww explains. “And then [I suggest she do] pregnancy yoga.”

Even though she is surrounded by fitness enthusiasts, Snooki doesn’t always feel like working out. “The motivation is key, and I’m lacking that right now, but I go on my Bowflex once a week.”

Regarding their upcoming spin-off, Snooki & JWoww, they duo says that although they fight, it’s all in good fun and they always make up no matter how intense it may seem at the time. They have a strong relationship and if can last through six seasons of the Jersey Shore and one season of their spin-off show, what can’t they get through?!

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