Ghost Adventures’ Mark and Debby Constantino, one more man dead after hostage standoff with police

Mark and Debby Constantino Ghost Adventures

Ghost Adventures‘ Mark and Debby Constantino and one more man are dead after a standoff with police that ended with a murder-suicide. We’ve since learned Mark and Debby were estranged, and both had been arrested for domestic violence charges within the past few months.

The fatal series of events began early Tuesday morning when an unidentified woman returned to the Reno, Nevada, apartment she shared with Debby and another man to find that man dead and Debby missing. Police were able to use Debby’s cell phone to track her down at another apartment. When officers arrived there to investigate, Mark began shooting at them through the door. Reno police deputy chief Tom Robinson told KRNV Mark then told them “give me 15 minutes to gather my thoughts or I’ll kill her.”

The standoff lasted for three hours. Sadly, attempts to convince Mark to surrender were unsuccessful. Both he and Debby were found dead when the SWAT team forced their way in at 1:30 in the afternoon.

Mark and Debby Constantino Mug Shots

KTVN reports that Debby was arrested in March for allegedly slicing Mark’s arm with a knife during an argument about money. In August, Mark and their daughter, Raquel, were arrested for kidnapping and domestic violence against Debby. During that incident, the father and daughter reportedly pulled Debby out of a car and into a home by her neck. They allegedly then beat her — which broke Debby’s nose — and Mark strangled her until she nearly passed out.

Although Mark and Raquel’s kidnapping charges are normally “no bail” situations, KTVN says a local judge made exceptions. Both were released after posting bond, but were ordered to stay away from Debby.

Mark and Debby appeared on several episodes of Travel Channel’s popular Ghost Adentures show. They were also active within the community of paranormal investigators.

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