Excuse #1 to do the Carlton dance: Alfonso Ribeiro got engaged!

Carlton's fiancee Angela Unkrich

Will Smith may have told that cabbie, “Yo homes, smell ya later,” but when his Philly backside got to Bel Air he found out real quick like that Carlton and his glorious dancing was the REAL star. At least that’s the way I’ll always remember The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Since the glorious run of the show I look for any reason in life to do “The Carlton” and I just discovered perhaps the best reason of all. Actor Alfonso Ribeiro, who portrayed our main man, just got engaged! He announced the good news via his Twitter account which I stalk on a regular basis just in case he displays more advanced rug-cutting techniques:

Shame on you America. Alfonso has under 6,000 followers!?! This is Twitter-injustice, I mean that’s at least 24 million less than Justin Bieber ya’ll. Enough poo-pooin’… Let’s do the Carlton in celebration of the good news!

Oh yeah, Carlton’s lovely bride-to-be is Angela Unkrich. Wait a darn minute Will! Her name is “Unkrich?” As in, like, rich Uncle Banks? This went from a Carlton love letter to a straight up Fresh Prince fetish post. Wow!