INTERVIEW Marisa Zanuck on joining RHOBH and what she thinks of her co-stars

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Marisa Zanuck

Marisa Zanuck will be joining the cast of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on tonight’s episode as a ‘friend of the Wives,’  but first, she’s talking to Starcasm about catching the reality TV bug, who she doesn’t love in the cast, and her all-time favorite housewife. Plus, find out what she has to say about the Adrienne Maloof/Brandi Glanville feud!

While some may have reservations when it comes to joining a Housewives show, Marisa did not. In fact, the mommy of two jumped at the chance after having a great experience on another reality series. “I did do a real estate show here in LA called Selling LA which you can say gave me the bug to want to do more,” Marisa tells us. Marisa actually knew her co-star Kyle Richards prior to joining the show because of her real estate gig at Hilton & Hyland, where Kyle’s husband previously worked.

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In addition to Kyle, Marisa has also welcomed a few new RHOBH friendships into her life. “I really clicked with Brandi, Adrienne and Kyle. I actually didn’t have a real problem with anyone,” Marisa explains, adding that she even hangs out with her co-stars when they aren’t filming.

Official Marisa Zanuck Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Bravo photoIt sounds like smooth sailing so far, but as we all know, Housewives always have (at least) some drama, and in Marisa’s case, it seems to reside with Lisa Vanderpump, who Marisa claims is a bit “standoffish.” However, Marisa adds that Lisa is “usually nice on camera.” So, in other words, if Marisa wants to hang with Lisa, she better bring a camera crew, or things could ugly.

As far as her friendships with Adrienne and Brandi, we have to wonder, how does she make it work with both of the ladies when they so clearly hate each other? “I did not feel like I had to pick sides with the whole Adrienne and Brandi thing,” Marisa says. “I like both of them a lot I feel for both of them.. I think Brandi feels bad that she hurt Adrienne and Paul and didn’t realize what the consequences would be, she says what’s on her mind and yes sometimes it hurts people, but her heart is good.. And with Adrienne I feel bad that what was said was sad for the whole world to see.”

While Marisa has yet to release a music video, clothing line, or book, as ‘Wives are known to do, she says she’s looking forward to any opportunities that come her way. “I am a very very ambitious woman and I have been this way since I was a little girl! So you can expect a lot from me,” she says. “I do not know what it will be just yet. I guess it depends a lot on what happens in the next couple months. But I will seize every opportunity that comes my way.”

As for the other ‘Wives from other cities, Marisa says, “I love all of the Housewife shows and do watch them all when I have time. My favorite housewife so far is Kim on the Atlanta show, she’s just funny and cool!! I just love her! She seems to not care what others think an I am the same way!!!”

Be sure to tune in to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills every Monday night at 9/8c and don’t miss Marisa’s blogs starting tonight.

Marisa Zanuck at the 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' season 3 premiere party

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