Did Kyle King really leave Maci Bookout over her diary?

It looks like OK Magazine may have gotten a little too liberal with the truth again lately (Shocking, I know.)

It ran with a story this last week claiming that Kyle King, Maci’s “perfect lover,” read in Maci’s diary that she still has the hots for her baby’s father Ryan Edwards. According to the story, Maci tried to explain to Kyle that those were just feelings, and she was devotedly committed to him in real life, but he still supposedly stormed out of their Nashville home.

Dramatic! But is any of it true? It’s hard to tell, but nothing has been confirmed, and Maci seemed to have responded by retweeting a her mother’s comment:

If ok magazine peed on your leg and told you it was raining, would u believe them?

Good point. We’re putting this story very low on the Truth-O-Meter.

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