Did Jon Bon Jovi die? Death rumor proved to be a hoax

Jon Bon Jovi with big hair

49-year-old singer Jon Bon Jovi is the latest victim of a celebrity death hoax as word of his demise spread like wildfire on the internet earlier today. We’re glad to report JBJ is alive and doing well – and will be performing at a charity concert this evening as scheduled.

TMZ spoke to his rep who confirmed the “jon Bon Jovi” stories are completely false.

I confess that my jaw dropped when I first heard, which I’m sort of embarrassed to say was through former Real Housewives of Orange county star Peggy Tanous’ Facebook page when she posted this:

Real Housewife Peggy Tanous saddened by news of Jon Bon Jovi's death

Let that be a lesson to everyone – don’t get your news from Real Housewives Facebook pages!

UPDATE – Jon Bon Jovi has taken to Twitter to quell the rumors! Heres what he had to tweet about his own death rumors along with a photo of himself holding a hand-written dated message:

Jon Bon Jovi tweets that he is still alive dispelling online rumors of his death

Jon Bon Jovi shares a photo of himself proving he is not dead
(Click photo to enlarge)

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