Did Jill Zarin try to sabotage Bethenny Frankel’s Bravo show?

Tonight’s Real Housewives of New York Season 3 reunion (part 1 of 3) is just as stressful as we all imagined, but a curious detail slipped out: Jill Zarin may have tried to sabotage Bethenny’s show and prevent her from returning to the Real Housewives.

Alex said that Jill called her and asked her not to film with Bethenny so it could “Just be the five of us.” Things got really confusing after that accusation, but Jill didn’t deny that she said those words to Alex, and maybe the rest of the crew. Luann pointed out that she’s requests like about different people from multiple cast-mates.

This detail further enhances the level of strategy and calculated moves many of the NY Real Housewives have engaged in this season, and is another nail in Jill Zarin’s Public Opinion coffin. Yes, it’s kind of hideous and sad, but don’t light up your torches and take the next plane to Manhattan to burn down Zarin Fabrics and roast Zarin on a spit. As Bethenny said on Watch What Happens tonight, enough is enough. There’s no need to crucify Jill Zarin over some petty nonsense on a reality show.

We all need to chill, take our horse tranquilizers washed down with Pinot Grigio (toast to Ramona!) and relax before the second session of torture airs Monday night.