Did Gretchen Rossi propose to Slade Smiley just for the cameras?

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On the second part of a three-part Real Housewives of Orange County reunion tonight the cast-members accuse Gretchen Rossi of proposing to Slade Smiley on a rooftop just to get herself a storyline for the show.

When Andy Cohen asks Vicki what she thinks Gretchen has faked for the cameras, Vicki replies, “Her engagement. I think that if you weren’t filming none of that would have happened. I think it was all done for the show. Many of us think that. I just think that the elaborate engagement was done for TV.”

Lydia supported Vicki’s accusation: “The whispers around everybody was that your story wasn’t that great this year. you had no, nothing that you kind of exposed, so you got nervous and were like ‘I’m gonna propose to Slade’ because that’s a story.

“That’s really hurtful that you guys would think that I would want to be with him because of that. That is so gross,” Gretchen responded.

Heather didn’t hold back with her candid opinion, either. She Gretchen that she did not doubt that Gretchen and Slade really love each other, but she believes that the engagement didn’t seem genuine. “It was a life moment,” Heather says.” I watched it and I felt hollow.”

Gretchen says she doesn’t know when they will actually get married and that she’s trying to just enjoy the engagement but “apparently you guys won’t let me do that.”

What do you think?

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