David Lynch is Russell Brand’s transcendental self pleasuring guru

In a match made in bizarro heaven, famed director David Lynch has become a transcendental meditation guru for British actor Russell Brand.

Brand sat down with New York Magazine and as part of the interview he revealed a rather surprising relationship that he has formed with the mercurial director of Twin Peaks, Eraserhead and Mulholland Drive.  According to Brand he met Lynch through the president of the Transcendental Meditation Foundation.  The T.M.F. believes that they can bring about world peace through meditation techniques.  Brand suffered from a particular issue with his meditation development and Lynch had the answer:

Once he complained to Lynch that his love of masturbating while watching pornography was overtaking his desire to meditate and achieve enlightenment. Lynch’s reply: “’If you meditate, you’ll enjoy your pornography more! It will be even better! It will be more vivid!’ Now, that’s the way to get people into meditation!”

Could you imagine being a fly on the wall during a late night meet and greet between these two?  I can only assume that what Brand shared with NYM is just the bland and safe information.

I wonder if Brand suffers with the same issues when it comes to his soon to be bride Katy Perry.? I hope he has Lynch on speed dial!