Daily Starbuzz – January 4, 2010

All hail Tequila Bot

Here’s a venti-sized freshly brewed pot o’ gossip from around the interwebs including a hilarious commercial for a Mexican restaurant in Alabama that finally answers the question, “Whad’ya do when your war buddy dies?” Also, find out the surprise top money-making actor/actress for 2009. (Hint: It’s not George Clooney or Johnny Depp.) All this and more is served hot with just the right amount of sugar in today’s edition of The Daily Starbuzz!

Meet Tequila Bot – Buzzfeed

Jake Gyllenhaal Going Back To School – Busy Bee

Rihanna to publish a book – Bumpshack

Top Ten highest paid actors of 2009 – Backseat Cuddler

Get to know Heroes hottie Dawn Olivieri – Accidental Sexiness

Kim Cattrall Is Insecure – I Need My Fix

Maggie Rodriguez is pregnant – Popeater

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