The L.A. Coroner learned of Lisa Robin Kelly’s death from the internet

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Lisa Robin Kelly’s sudden death at 43 during a rehab stay last week was shocking, and likely related to her alcohol addiction, but officials still aren’t sure exactly what caused her death. Both the L.A. Coroner’s office and the L.A. Sheriff’s office are conducting separate investigations.

According to TMZ, Lisa was pronounced dead at 8:07 A.M. Thursday morning, but the Coroner’s office didn’t find out until the next day, when they saw it on TMZ. The website also claims that they were suspicious when the doctor told them Lisa’s cause of death was an embolism, since there is no way to know that without performing an autopsy. Lisa reportedly checked into rehab with a 0.34 blood alcohol level, and the facility’s doctors say that she was receiving proper detox drugs, but what she was on is unknown until the toxicology report comes back.

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s department is also investigating her death. “Homicide is looking into it. When they can release more, they will,” the Los Angeles County Sheriff confirmed to NYDN.

Lisa’s agent Craig Wyckoff is hoping the police investigation can clear up exactly what happened to her. “You can’t tell an embolism by looking at a body. If it’s true the doctor said that, he or she shouldn’t have a medical license,” he said. “If some kind of mistake cost her her life, we want to know. But they might find she simply died of natural causes due to the strain of her lifestyle. I think people should remember the life lesson that when you do things to excess, there are consequences. Lisa’s powers didn’t get displayed to their full extent due to her personal problems.”

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