Chanel West Coast insists arrest was unjustified, felt ‘violated’ by police

Chanel West Coast Arrested at LA night club 1 OAK

Rapper (and star of MTV’s Ridiculousness and Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory) Chanel West Coast continues to speak out after being arrested just after midnight Wednesday morning outside the 1 OAK club in West Hollywood. After posting photos of her bruised arms and claiming police brutality on Wednesday, Chanel still insists she did nothing to deserve being arrested–much less being manhandled by the arresting officers.

Here’s the statement she posted to her personal Facebook page. In it, she admits that she was “buzzed,” but claims she and her friends “were trying to leave peacefully” when she was arrested:


To everyone who saw my posts…yes I did feel violated, yes I feel there is definitely an issue with police rough housing. TMZ does not have the whole story. They were not there until the end. We were trying to leave peacefully.

Yes…I was buzzed…oh my gosh forgive me for celebrating my friend’s Brandi LaShea [and] Megan Ackerman moving home back to LA from NYC. My friend Paige Quintanilla also was there. We were having an innocent fun time. Then you have girls who want to start problems. We tried to leave and this is what happened. My heart goes out to victims who are murdered because of skin color. By no way do I feel I deserve special treatment. I also do not deserve to be treated differently because I am a white rapper. I have no boundaries when it comes to skin color, race, religion.

To the first person who has not sinned….feel free to throw the first stone.

Thanks you to my true friends who know me genuinely.

Have a blessed day!


A Twitter follower asked Chanel if she intended to continue to address police brutality, and Chanel’s answer was clear: “Definitely. Cops need to be mentally evaluated before they are hired. I was arrested last night for no reason and it’s not right.”

Chanel tweeted a response to an article about her arrest, which referenced the cop in the arrest video stating that Chanel punched and kicked him. “I wasn’t fighting anyone,” Chanel wrote. “This is the most false story on the planet lol.” A follower pointed out, “But you admitted some girls wanted to start problems. You didn’t react?” Chanel responded, “sometimes people are innocent and end up in crazy situations. This is one of those incidents.”

She further criticized the media coverage, pointing out that they / we don’t know what actually happened. “LMAO at how the media twists stories and creates their own form of ‘the truth.’ Nothing you read in the media is certain. Just remember that.” She later added:


There are so many fabricated stories about what happened to me but only the people who were there know the whole truth. If you were not there then you do not know. Just because you read something doesn’t mean that it’s %100 true….Tmz did not film what I went through they were only there for the part where I was sitting… sucks when people have no idea what you went through but due to legal reasons I can’t tell my full story.


One follower brought up race by asking Chanel, “does this open your eyes to what people of color have and continue to experience on a daily basis?” Chanel responded by revealing that “my step mom is black, my aunt is black, & my cousin is mixed. Race issues have always been important to me.”

Another tweet mentioned TMZ’s claims that Chanel told the arresting officer(s) “I’ve been on TV for 17 seasons” in an attempt to get out of trouble, but Chanel denies that claim. “I never tried to use fame for anything,” she tweeted, “I tried to explain that I’m on TV and don’t go around fighting security with a TV career.”

Eventually Chanel took a deep breath and began thinking and sharing positive thoughts. She wanted 1 OAK to know that she held no grudge against the club, and it will remain one of her favorite hang outs:


She then posted this photo of herself laughing on Instagram along with the following positive message:

Chanel West Coast laughing



I stay smiling. No matter what. I’ve been through so much in my life and I have always managed to stay smiling and keep a positive outlook on life. People make mistakes, but we learn from them and we grow. I forgive anyone who has ever hurt me in anyway. I don’t hold grudges. I continue to pursue my dreams and stay focused on my goals. If you have ever been in trouble or in a situation you couldn’t control that affected your life in a negative way just know that you are not alone and stay focused on creating a better future for yourself. A lot of things are currently being said about me in the media that are completely false. I want my fans to know that not everything you read in the media is true and I want you all to know how much your continued love and support means to me! I appreciate all the positive comments more than words can describe ??❤️


In other words, PEACE!

Chanel West Coast bikini peace

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