Buckwild cast Twitter and Facebook accounts

Buckwild Twitter and Facebook links

The cast of Buckwild is coming back for rounds 3 and 4 tonight so we thought we’d put together a list of all the gals’ and guys’ (well guy actually) Twitter and Facebook accounts in one handy place.

This excludes Shain Gandee of course because that kid doesn’t do the internet (although he did have a MySpace account)! Come to find out Joey ain’t much in to social media either. Also, these links should prove helpful because there’s a whole heapin’ load of fake Twitter accounts popping up for all the cast members.

Ashley Whitt



MTV Buckwild Ashley Whitt
Ashley Whitt of Buckwild posted this photo to her Facebook page that included a shout out to Pure Platinum MC.

Shae Bradley



MTV Buckwild Shae Bradley
Shae Bradley of Buckwild proudly displays her Late Nigh With Jimmy Fallon t-shirt while backstage at the show.

Cara Parrish



MTV Buckwild Cara Parrish
Cara Parrish of Buckwild tries to look tough in this pic posted to Facebook.

Tyler Boulet


MTV Buckwild Tyler Boulet
Tyler Boulet of Buckwild finds himself in an apparently familiar position, with his arm around a girl in this pic he shared via Twitter.

Anna Davis



MTV Buckwild Anna Davis
Anna Davis of Buckwild smiles for the camera in a pic she shared via Facebook.

Katie Saria


Katie’s personal blog: We’re Just Friends

Buckwild Katie Saria cast photoKatie Saria MTV Buckwild cast picture
Katie Saria’s official Buckwild promotional photos.

Salwa Amin



MTV Buckwild Salwa Amin
Salwa Amin from Buckwild sharing a candid and curvaceous photo via Twitter.