Breaking Amish’s Abe Schmucker’s sister Ella hospitalized, in ICU weeks after giving birth

Breaking Amish Abe's sister Ella

Breaking Amish stars Rebecca and Abe Schmucker are asking for prayers after they revealed on Friday that Abe’s sister Ella (Chester and Mary Schmucker’s daughter) was hospitalized with a mystery illness almost three weeks after giving birth. According to their initial posts, Ella was in ICU unable to breathe on her own after suffering a seizure.

Fans of Breaking Amish will remember Ella from the first season when she tried, along with mom Mary, to convince Abe not to leave the Amish to go to New York City. (Abe’s other sister Katie Ann and brother Andrew have been featured more prominently on the show.)

Here are all the updates on Ella from Abe and Rebecca’s Facebook page from yesterday and today:


Please pray for the Schmucker family right now. We need all the prayers possible right now. A family member has been flown to Pittsburgh. No details we can give yet but it’s not looking very good as of right now. Thank you all! God Bless Y’all!!!

Just talked to family down at the hospital and we are going down as soon as Abe makes it home from his 5 hour drive from work. Ella is the one who just had a baby (Abe’s sister) she is stable but still in ICU. She is sedated. Will keep y’all updated. Thank you all so much!!


COMMENTER: Abe and Rebecca- Is there anything we can do to help? Set up a #GoFundMe for your family? Let us know!

Thanks but her insurance will cover the costs of the hospital stay, the only expense is travel down and food. Also the fact her husband is not working because he won’t leave her side so no income. But I am sure the Amish church will give them money so I would not want to start an account because they would feel very guilty taking stranger’s money. But like I said, thank you so much! That’s a very thoughtful suggestion!!

Update; We both spent the afternoon at the hospital. She’s awake sometimes now, she is still on a breathing machine since she can’t breathe on her own, they tried taking it off. She knew we were there. Still running tests and only time will tell what’s wrong. Thank you all so very much for the thoughts and prayers all over the world! It’s good to know we are not going through this hard time alone! God Bless Y’all! May The Lord be with us all through this time!!

COMMENTER: Mary’s daughter Ella and baby were rushed to the hospital. They haven’t said why, I just know the “who”.

Not the baby!! Baby is fine !! I just said she “HAD A BABY RECENTLY”!

Abe Schmucker's sister Ella from Breaking Amish Season 1

I’m super tired but just need to say Thank You! I’ve never seen this much love and support and y’all are super duper freaking amazingly awesome!! 🙂 Love you guys!! Be back tomorrow!!


Update; they took her off the breathing machine. Still in ICU.

COMMENTER: Rebecca, do they have any idea what happened? I read that she’d recently had a baby, is the baby ok?

They don’t know yet. Baby is fine and being taken care of by family.

COMMENTER: That’s good news! Does anyone know why this young lady is in the hospital after having her baby?

She had the baby almost 3 weeks ago. They have not found out why she’s so sick yet

Ella is breathing on her own today! She’s asking for her baby! That’s a good sign meaning she knows what’s going on and is aware of everything! She had a seizure and her baby is fine. She had the baby almost 3 weeks ago. They are still trying to figure out what made her so sick. I believe all your thoughts and prayers and positive thoughts have brought her this far!! Thank you all very much!!


Update: They are hoping they can move Ella out of ICU today. That would be a big step! They discovered she has a weak heart so they will have to keep that monitored. For now we just pray. Thank you all!!


From Mary Schmucker: An update on my daughter Ella she is doing much better they found her problem heart failure the same problems as I have I want to thank everyone for their prayers and understanding thank you all so much


From Abe and Rebecca: Update; Ella came home!! She’s getting better!! 🙂 God Is Good!!

[We will try to update when we know more.]

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