Bravo to highlight life of pageant wives with Game of Crowns

Game of Crowns Bravo

In July Bravo will be giving viewers an intimate look into the lives of pageant wives with the show Game of Crowns.

Via TvByTheNumbers:

Six pageant wives compete on the “Mrs.” pageant circuit to snatch the spotlight with their intense preparation from obsessing over the perfect swimsuit to honing their interview skills– all while being dedicated mothers and wives.

We’ve gathered a little info, pics and social media links for the 6 featured cast members of the show: Susanna Paliotta, Shelley Carbone, Lynne Diamante, Vanassa Sebastian, Leha Guilmette, and Lori-Ann Marchese.

Susanna Paliotta

Susanna Paliotta Game of Crowns

Susanna is the mother of Toddlers & Tiaras cast member Isabella Barrett. She started the Glitzy Girl Collection after she was not sure how to brag in full about all of her daughter’s conquests and came up with the idea of brag bracelets.

Via the website for GG, Alisha Dunlap from Cheer Perfection as well as Chloe and Maddie from Dance Moms were listed as part of their team.

Susanna Paliotta’s Facebook and Twitter.

Shelley Carbone

Shelley Carbone Game of Crowns

Shelley certainly knows a thing or two about beauty pageants as she was crowned Mrs. America in 2011. Via a piece from the The Courant Carbone was identified as a registered nurse and mother-of-four from Wethersfield, Connecticut. She said of her participation, “My mother [Susan Marcotte] thought I should enter the Mrs. Connecticut pageant and I told her no. My mother, who was first runner-up in the Mrs. Senior Connecticut competition, went ahead and registered me anyway, and when I found out I called them to say I wasn’t really interested. I ended up talking to them for a while and they told me it was a good way to pamper myself and take some time for myself and have some fun, so I decided to do it.”

Shelley Carbone’s Facebook and Twitter.

Lynne Diamante

Lynne Diamante Game of Crowns

Here is Lynne Dimante’s bio via the Miss Universe site:

Lynne Diamante is the CEO and co-founder of OPTX rhode island, a nationally recognized leader in retail luxury sunglasses and eyeglasses. A top entrepreneur in the fashion world, she has achieved great success partnering with noted designers and industry executives. Lynne is a recognized expert in eyewear styling and consulting celebrity clientele, especially for red carpet events. She is sought after for style reviews on television programs and in fashion magazines. Lynne’s creative vision has nurtured the unparalleled growth of her company. Lynne is also an attorney, with the distinct privilege of being admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court Bar and the U.S. District Court. She holds a BA in Mass Communications and a Juris Doctorate. Lynne is a former Miss Rhode Island USA and proudly represented her state, Rhode Island, at the MISS USA Pageant in 1991. In her free time, she enjoys modifying and driving sports cars, world travel and supporting philanthropic causes in her community.

Lynne Diamante’s Facebook and Twitter.

Vanassa Sebastian

Vanassa Sebastian Game of Crowns

In a September, 2013 piece via the Waterford Patch, it was revealed that the 2012 Mrs. Connecticut America winner and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist was diagnosed with breast cancer. Sebastian said, “When I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer, it changed my life. It gave me another focus in my life, to step up my goal to inspire and advocate for other women, especially those with breast cancer. My message is that women are strong, capable and in control of their lives, even when they are diagnosed with cancer. I am living proof of that.”

Vanassa Sebastian’s Facebook and Twitter.

Leha Guilmette

Leha Guilmette Game of Crowns

Not much out there yet on our girl Leha. In August, 2012 she set up a fundraising page to help with her pageant pursuits in which she wrote, “I want to take the time to thank everyone in advance especially my husband for being so incredibly supportive about this journey I am about to undertake.  It is giving me the opportunity to set and achieve some very personal goals as well as continuing to support some charities that are very near and dear to me. Along this journey there are some financial obligations that I must meet as well as the costs for preparations. I have created this page as there are some that have asked if there was an easier way to help donate…so here it is!”

Leha Guilmette’s Facebook and Twitter.

Lori-Ann Marchese

Lori-Ann Marchese Game of Crowns

Here is Lori-Ann’s about me from 2011 via the WBFF site:

I am a 26-year old WBFF Pro Fitness Model and competitor. I consider my life as a fitness journey. A journey to help others achieve their goals. I started training at the age of 16 years old because I did not feel confident about myself or my body. I was inspired then to take myself to the next level, and started training. Working out and eating healthy made me feel different about my body. Ever since that discovery, my mission was to become a future role model for women to help them live a healthy, confident lifestyle. I have appeared in magazine covers and spreads nationally and internationally. I recently won the overall Fitness Model Division at the WBFF Fitness Atlantic Championships and won my WBFF Pro Card. I love every aspect of competing. I love meeting new friends and athletes, love being on stage, love the positive energy and love the learning experience! I have met many wonderful athletes and have learned a lot through this wonderful fitness adventure. I would like to now share my experience and help others achieve their goals.

Lori-Ann Marchese’s Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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