Brandi Glanville pals around with LeAnn Rimes’ ex-husband Dean Sheremet


My absolute favoritist celebrity Twitter war just took another wonderfully strange twist as Brandi Glanville just so happened to tweet out about palling around with Dean Sheremet.

This means that Glanville not so subtly let everyone know that she’s buddies with her ex-husband’s wife’s ex-husband! If you’re gonna manufacture drama at least be good at it I say, and Brandi vs. LeAnn has remained the most consistent feud around. I mean heck, just yesterday Radar posted about how Glanville had declared a “SHOCKING” truce — bah!!!

Here is The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star dropping LeAnn’s ex’s name:

Dean Sheremet replied:

This of course set off the #TeamLeAnn alarms and folks started coming at Bradi with some vitriol about hanging out with LeAnn’s ex (really). Brandi had a few “gentle” come backs for all that:

“Wow haters out in full force today please go get lives of ur own and please f**k off!” And then…

So what do you think about Brandi hanging with Dean?

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