Blagojevich Burglary: Eight computers and a safe containing evidence taken from Rod Blagojevich’s lawyer Sam Adam Jr.’s office


Last night a break-in and burglary occurred at the law office of Sam Adam Jr., a member of impeached Illinois governer Rod Blagojevich’s legal team. Eight computers and a safe were taken. The computers contained “thousands of hours of digitized undercover FBI tapes were provided by the government to Blagojevich’s defense attorneys.”

Chicago police are currently investigating the crime, but the FBI is not involved because it is not a federal crime since the FBI tapes had been turned over to Adam. All evidence on the computers are only copies, the originals are being held by authorities. There are no suspects in the burglary, but the burglars did set off the security alarm, and police are viewing the security tape now.

Sam Adams Jr.’s offices are located at 6100-block of South Ellis Avenue, Chicago.

(source, WLS-TV Chicago, IL)