BIKINI BLISS Elisabetta Canalis in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Elisabetta Canalis bikini picture

George Clooney’s bodtastic gal pal Elisabetta Canalis was photographed Sunday frolicking in the Pacific Ocean at her and Clooney’s Puerto Vallarta home. The 31-year-old Italian model and actress looked Dapper Dantastic in a midnight blue bikini, though her potential for perfection is constantly thwarted by an infuriating tendency to lean.

Us celebrity bloggers are a silly lot, aren’t we? Here’s a world-renowned model who has posed for thousands of professionally shot swimwear and lingerie pictures and yet I get all excited when some paparazzi on a pontoon boat 5 miles from shore gets a few grainy bikini shots. I don’t presume to be able to defend our (my) excitement, but I liken it to when I used to listen to old Springsteen bootlegs or even when I hear about other people’s affinity for scratchy old vinyl records. There’s something in the imperfection and in the unplannedness of a bad celebrity bikini photo that makes me feel like I’m looking at something I’m not supposed to and something that someone suffered a great deal to provide.

Nah, I’m just joshin’ ya! We can only use the photos that we get from our providers and the bikini shots aren’t as common as you may think, so whenever I see anything outside of Roseanne Barr or John Mayer in a bikini I get a little excited, grainy or not! That being said, there is something here for even the snootiest of glamor photography to admire – the VERY rare hot babe self-wedgie! Check out Elisabetta pulling her swimsuit right up her Canalis:

And just in case that distant shot wasn’t good enough, starcasm is proud to present – for the first time in the history of the internet! – WEDGIE ZOOM!!

Whoahohohoah dude! Necessary zoom! Necessary zoom!

And here are the rest of the hi-res low quality Elisabetta Canalis bikini photos.

(Just click thumbnails to see larger images in the gallery.)

Photos: DS-ISM2/JN2 / Flynet Pictures

It’s hard to imagine life for a young man back in the late 1800s. They didn’t even have dial up internet and the few folks that could access the web had to do it through a telegraph machine. I can’t even fathom how slow that must have been! How in the world did those guys get their bikini fix?!?

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