Beyonce shares photos of Blue Ivy’s fairy-themed 4th birthday party


Pop superstar Beyonce was kind enough to share some photos from her daughter Blue Ivy’s 4th birthday party. From the looks of things, we’re guessing the kid had a “fairy” good time!

In the images, posted to Beyonce’s official website, Blue Ivy is seen in an adorable pink dress and Chuck Taylors, as well as a fluffy purple butterfly dress adorned with a tiara and pink wings.


The party space looked awesome too, as a large clear tent is seen filled with teepees to chill in, extra dresses to try on, lovely flowers and balloons. Blue Ivy turned 4 back on January 7.


Capping off the photos was what must have been the highlight for Blue Ivy, two “actual” fairy princesses are seen sashaying through the play area!


All photos / Beyonce.

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