MTV RICH GIRLS Jaime Gleicher sues Roger Haber for alleged drug-fueled rape

In a sad update to recent Starcasm article profiling MTV’s Rich Girls, star Jamie Gleicher has come forward with a sexual assult claim.

The incident, which the reality veteran claims involved drugs, is a serious accusation against a predominant entertainment lawyer.

Jamie Gleicher updates

Since 2003’s Rich Girls ended, Jamie Gleicher has made quite the name for herself out of the spotlight. The star’s personal Instagram bio gives us a peak into the reality stars many advocacy interests:

Psychotherapist, Rainbow Creator 🌈📿 , Feminist, Writer, @animalhaven Advisory Board, POTUS Broadway, Proud @barnardcollege @nyusilver alum ☮️💕

Gleicher’s professional Instagram bio outlines her many professional achievements:

Psychotherapist. Barnard & NYU Grad. TV Producer/Personality. RYT200. Writer/Memoirist. Advocate. Feminist. Philanthropist. Designer @liverainbowfully

Jamie Gleicher Lawsuit

Gleicher, 37, is suing under the Adult Survivors Act, which opened a one-year window for sexual-assault accusers to sue their alleged attackers no matter how long ago the incident happened.

Jamie claims that the rape happened when she was age 19, and that at the time she was also a virgin.

Documented on MTV’s Rich Girls, Gleicher wanted to lose her virginity to someone special. Unfortunately it sounds like that’s not what ended up happening.

The lawsuit claims that famous entertainment lawyer Roger Haber took advantage of Gleicher while she was under the influence of cocaine; drugs the reality star claims she was pressured into taking by her much older attacker.

Who is Roger Haber?

Roger Haber is a lawyer who has represented famous clients such as the late Sopranos actor James Gandolfini.

Haber’s Twitter bio paints him as a doting husband and loving father, but accusations against him tell a very different story.

At the time of the alleged rape of Gleicher, the lawyer is said to have invited the teen and her friends to his apartment, where he offered them cocaine and tried to take advantage of the Rich Girls star.

Reports state that Gleicher woke up to Haber on top her, engaging in sex with her after she had repeatedly told him no. He then attacked her again on her way out of his apartment, allegedly saying “you don’t get to leave until you finish me off.”

Ending Her Tormented History

Jamie Gleicher claims that her sexual assult negatively impacted her in a number of ways. A vocal advocate for Suicide Prevention and Eating Disorder recovery, the reality star struggled with both issues as a result of her trauma.

In a telling Instagram post, Jamie declared “I believe her,” on National Women’s Day 2022.

Ashley Marie is a writer for Starcasm and the personality behind Twitter’s @RealityByAshley. You can contact Ashley via Twitter or email at realitybyashley(at)

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