Bayou Billionaires Gerald and Kitten Dowden wedding photo

Bayou Billionaires Gerald and Kitten Dowden wedding photo

CMT’s Bayou Billionaires is the highest rated series in the network’s history thanks to the Southern style casserole of personalities that is the Dowden family of Shreveport, Louisiana. The ringmasters of this three-ring circus of eccentric and good-natured folk are Gerald and Kitten Dowden – the hard-working, level-headed, kind-hearted, and quick-to-laugh couple who own the land underneath which the largest natural gas deposits in the world were found.

But Gerald and Kitten don’t just distribute the “mailbox money,” they are also the glue that keeps the Dowden family together, a family that began over 43 years ago when a hairy-headed Gerald and babe-ilicious Kitten said their vows and began their great adventure together as husband and wife.

The photo above is Gerald and Kitten’s wedding photo and features Gerald looking slimmer and trimmer in a powder blue suit alongside his lovely bride wearing a light canary yellow gown. Who knew these two young lovebirds were destined for reality show stardom?!? Who even knew what a reality show was back then?!?

Now we can only hope CMT will share some old photos of Albert!

Bayou Billionaires airs Saturday nights at 9/8c on CMT.