Bachelorette’s Ty Brown’s ex-wife Lindsey Grant photos and bio

Lindsey Grant

Guitar-picking Ty Brown from Nashville mentioned in his bio video during the season premiere of The Bachelorette tonight that he was married for two years and just recently got a divorce. I’m sure all of you Ali fans are curious about this hunky good ol’ boy suitor and are wondering about his first wife, so I tracked down all the information the internet had to offer and compiled it for you in a convenient little blog post!

(Curious about Ty? Be sure to check out his “Bachelorette File” with photos and bio info and don’t miss his brief appearance in a Kellie Pickler video!)

Lindsey Grant and Ty Brown wedding photo

Ty Brown married Lindsey Alane Grant on Oct. 6, 2007 in Franklin, Tennessee. Originally from Florence, South Carolina Lindsey graduated from Francis Marion University with a degree in English literature.

In addition to Ty’s name, Lindsey also shares a passion for playing music. The successful singer-songwriter was the first act signed to Keith Follese and Brad Allen’s Midas Records of Nashville, who offer this description of Lindsey:

Growing up, Lindsey “knew I wanted to sing since I had a memory” and was inspired by her musician dad and artists like Faith Hill, Wynonna, Bonnie Raitt, Jewel and Garth Brooks . “The female singers were great, but when I first heard Garth, that’s when the lightbulb really went off and I started dreaming more seriously about a career in country,” she says. “I was always kind of shy, and so when I started writing songs, I wanted my friends to hear them but didn’t want them to know they were mine. I’d pretend I had just heard them on the radio, and they liked them. Not long ago, my cousin told me she still hums one of those hooks from years ago that I had forgotten about!”

Singer songwriter Lindsey Grant of Nashville

Towards the end of her college years, Lindsey taught herself the guitar, and her first move upon graduating was Charleston , where she gained loads of valuable performing experience by putting together a band for a brief time. When the band broke up, she played the coffeehouse circuit as a singer/songwriter, supporting herself with clerical jobs for a local railroad company and another that installed computers in Hummers for the military. She moved to Nashville on July 4, 2003, a date that symbolized the freedom she gave herself to take a shot and allow ten years to achieve her goals.

We contacted Midas Records about how to purchase some of Lindsey’s recordings but received no response. You can hear four of Lindseys songs on her MySpace page, including “I’ve Been Thinking,” “Drive Me To Drink,” “Broken” and “Were You Even There.”

Lindsey Grant Brown and husband Ty (full name: Matthew Tyler Brown) were divorced on January 12, 2010. According to the divorce final decree documents it does appear that the separation was amicable.

Everything seems kosher here, so Ali you can feel free to fall in love with Ty!

UPDATE! STRIKE THAT! Ali, do NOT fall in love with Ty! We spoke with Lindsey and she says their divorce was anything but amicable! CLICK HERE to read what she had to say about their split.

And Lindsey – you might want to put in your application for The Bachelor! You’re a beautiful and apparently talented woman and I think ABC would love the Ty Brown/Bachelorette storyline!

Lindsey Grant poses with a tractor

Lindsey, I think your tractor’s sexy. (And that ain’t all!)

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