Baby in car seat thrown at mom by violent father

John Woodley Jr.

A Tennessee man is facing charges of domestic violence and child abuse after an argument with his girlfriend and the mother of their child turned violent.

According to criminal complaints obtained by TSG, 37-year-old John Woodley Jr. punched his girlfriend in the eye over the weekend. This prompted the victim to try to leave the premises along with their 7-month-old. Woodley retaliated by taking the car seat that still had their baby inside and flinging it at her.

As he flung the child he told the woman to “take the baby and leave the trailer.”

According to a Clarksville Police Department spokesperson the baby was thankfully not injured. Investigators have forwarded the information to the Department of Children Services.

Woodley, who is employed at the Tilted Kilt bar, was booked and later released on $7,500 bail.

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