Paris Hilton parties with new reality BFF Brooke Mueller

Paris Hilton is now BFFs with Charlie Sheen’s ex wife Brooke Mueller for a new Oxygen reality show, and the pair were spotted out last night with their camera crew at Las Palmas Nightclub.

Paris has been promoting her new show as “more real” than her previous stints on reality television. She claims she used to play a dumb blonde character, but she’s over that after being inspired by her aunts on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

She told US Weekly about a month ago:

“It’s basically like nothing I’ve ever done. With The Simple Life and these BFF shows it was this character I was playing. I was kind of hiding behind the dumb blond facade. Now I feel like it’s the time to be my real self and show the real me, my real life, my friends, my family, and everything that goes on. It’s going to be very interesting and crazy.”

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