Amanda Bynes remains on psychiatric hold, parents seeking conservatorship

Amanda Bynes Court

Amanda Bynes appeared in court yesterday requesting that the 5150 psychiatric hold placed on her be lifted. The troubled star is in the process of being evaluated by doctors on her mental well-being following her latest strange stunt of setting a small fire in a stranger’s driveway.

The judge refused Amanda’s request, siding with the doctors who were arguing that they needed 2 more weeks to properly evaluate Amanda.

This morning, Amanda’s parents are headed to court to request that a judge grant them temporary conservatorship over their daughter. They are arguing that they need this legal power to make decisions at the time because they fear the 27-year-old is a current danger to herself and others.

Via TMZ, here’s what’s required from Amanda’s parents proof-wise in order to gain conservatorship:

1) Amanda does not have the ability to provide for her own physical health — along with food, clothing and shelter

2) Amanda cannot make sound financial judgements

3) They can provide a stable home for their daughter

4) There are no realistic alternatives to a conservatorship

Sources state that Amanda’s mom and dad will argue that she is suffering from schizophrenia but refuses to seek help in spite of admitting there’s a “Good Amanda” and “Bad Amanda.” If the judge grants this temporary order, it is believed that her parents will then seek a permanent conservatorship.

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