Is Theresa Caputo a real medium? Can she really communicate with the dead?


TLC’s Long Island Medium seems to get right to the emotional core of the people she visits and seems to know things that only the spirits of their dead loved ones could know. But is she for real? Are any psychic mediums real?

Of course since this is a TV show, any misses Theresa makes can easily be edited out. Like other pop culture mediums Miss Cleo, John Edward, and Sylvia Browne, Theresa seems be using a shotgunning technique, which basically means she throws out some vague things, and then begins to gather more specific information based on the positive responses.

There’s also something called “The Forer effect” which relies on the individuals to be so eager to believe that they fill in essential information. The medium may say something like “Your father passed on due to problems in his chest or abdomen,” and then the person says “Oh yes, he had a heart attack,” or “My stepfather passed from colon cancer.”

One criticism of Theresa is that while she converted several guys in a motorcycle shop into believers, it turns out that these men worked with her husband, so she was already privy to some of their private information. But Theresa does make some uncanny connections that seem impossible if she wasn’t getting some sort of external information. Furthermore she has a charming and loving personality and seems to really care about the people she’s talking to. At the very least, she’s an emotionally insightful person who deeply cares.

Is Theresa Caputo a psychic?

A medium is someone who can communicate with the dead, which is what Theresa claims to be. She does not claim to see into the future, so she is not a “psychic” in that sense.

Does Theresa Caputo believe in God?

Yes. She is a Catholic who attends Mass every Sunday.

Is Theresa Caputo certified?

Yes, she was certified through the Forever Family Foundation.

Are any mediums real, or all they all faking?

As skeptic, it seems that mediums play on the audience’s need to believe and use certain tricks to get information. We all have someone, or many people, we wish to speak to just one more time, and in that way mediums can provide a very important emotional service to people.

I’m always open to being wrong, though.

Do you believe in mediums?

If you want Theresa to give you a reading of some kind, you can contact her through her website.

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