BUCKWILD Salwa Amin photos and bio info

Buckwild Salwa Amin

Clearly the breakout star of MTV’s new reality series Buckwild is good-timin’ good ol boy Shain Gandee, but there’s another cast member that seems ready to break out… of her shirt! At all times! Yes, I’m speaking of West Virginia’s Breast Virginia’s resident Bengali tigress, Salwa Amin!

Buckwild's Salwa Amin breasts

This 24-year-old buxom brunette makes a huge splash in her very first appearance on the show, literally. Within minutes of fans being introduced to her, Salwa’s shirt is off and she’s leaping topless off the roof of a two-story house into a makeshift swimming pool made from a dump truck! MTV pixels or not, that is quite the intro.

And speaking of intro, in Salwa’s first voice-over introduction to herself she says, “I may look exotic, but I’m as country as it comes.” That’s hard to argue given her incongruous Southern accent, but don’t think for a second Salwa spends all her time riding barrel bulls and shootin’ tater guns because this voluptuous piece of eye candy has got it going on upstair as well. At least it would seem that way given the fact that she has her Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from the West Virginia University Institute of Technology!

And it looks as though Salwa will be putting her accounting degree to work soon, as the co-owner of a bar! She recently announced on Twitter that she and two friends will be opening a bar together in Clarksburg, WV in February! Let’s just hope that even if she is handling the accounting, she can still make time to mingle with the customers, fans, and smitten boy pilgrims sure to be showing up from all over the country.

Buckwild Salwa Amin tattoos

So what in the world is a bodacious party girl, former Hooters waitress, and current reality star doing with a non-sexy degree like accounting? It seems it’s in her blood, because her dad is an Accounting Professor at the University! (You might remember that MTV’s official bio for Salwa says she “lives at home with her strict parents.”)

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall in the ol’ Amin abode when mom and pops got the call that Salwa had been arrested — apparently on two different occasions! Im telling you, Salwa was cast on the show for good reason 😉

But all you guys out there hoping to get Buckwild and buck naked with Salwa are going to have to hold your horses because she is apparently dating WVU Tech football player Najee Curry. (Collective “Ahhhhhh damn!”)

Salwa Amin from Buckwild on MTV

This is the last week for Buckwild as the first season of the show wraps up with two more back-to-back episodes this week, but the ratings have been so great that it seems like only a matter of time before Salwa and the gang are asked to saddle up and get wild for another go ’round in Season 2!

Catch the season finale episodes of Buckwild this Thursday night at 10/9c and 10:30/9:30c on MTV! Scratch that – my math was off. Two more weeks of Buckwild! Until then, here’s another sexy Salwa Amin photo to hold you over…

Click to enlarge – big time!

Buckwild Salwa Amin hi res photo from MTV

You can keep up with Salwa Amin on Twitter and Facebook. Click here to check to the Facebook and Twitter accounts for all the Buckwild cast members! (Well, except for the two that don’t have any.)