O.J. Simpson’s infamous white Ford Bronco can be rented for parties and events

18 years ago the world watched athlete and movie star O.J. Simpson flee police in his white Ford Bronco after he was suspected of murdering his wife and mother of his kids Nicole Brown Simpson. Now, you can apparently rent that very same vehicle for parties.

The Bronco was seen as a decoration at a party for artist Nate Lowman’s show I wanted to be an artist but all I got was this lousy career, which was probably a nod to Nate’s use of a topless Nicole Brown in many of his art pieces. His current show features photos of Tonya Harding, a drunken Jenna Bush, and crime scenes because he “has been thinking a lot about tragic blondes lately.”

After the 1997 civil trial, where OJ was found liable for the deaths of Nicole Simpsons and Ron Goldman, collector Michael Pulwer purchased the Bronco for $75,000. It’s unknown if he still owns it, but someone definitely rented it out.

Here’s video of the 1994 chase: