Actress/singer Taryn Manning arrested after attacking her make-up artist

Actress Taryn Manning is known for nailing the bad girl role on such films as Hustle & Flow, 8 Mile and When The Nines Roll Over, and during a recent trip to New York City, she did what she does best — but this time it was not for a flick. Taryn, 33, got into an all out brawl, punches and kicks included, with her 23-year-old make-up artist which led to her arrest yesterday morning.

TMZ reports that Taryn was staying at the Dream Downtown Hotel when the incident occurred, which is funny since Dream is where Lindsay Lohan allegedly hit a pedestrian while driving a Real Housewives of Miami star’s Porsche AND where Lindsay and her mother Dina Lohan were hanging out before their limo brawl earlier this week.

Taryn and her make-up artist had been in her room prior to the brawl and while there’s no word yet on what led to their physical altercation, what we do know is that Taryn is being accused of punching and kicking her employee which led to the police being called to the scene where they arresting Taryn.

Following her arrest, Taryn hired famed defense attorney Joe Tacopina. In the past Joe has worked with Michael Jackson, Foxy Brown, and Joran va Der Sloot.

Taryn is currently focusing on her music career and earlier this week, she stopped by the Crushable offices where she dished on her upcoming EP saying, “I’ve been working on an album for a long time. I wrote it quite some time ago with a friend. We wrote it on a piano. She’s amazing, her father was in Wings with Paul McCartney. She’s and incredible musician, guitar player, and we write together a lot, we’re really good friends.”

Check out her latest single “Send Me Your Love” below:

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