Photos of Holly Yako from The Glass House plus a leg hair removal video

Holly Yako The Glass House

I’m guessing that living in a glass house on national TV could make you wacko but from all accounts this will be just fine for Holly Yako of Phoenix, Arizona.

The 21-year-old originally hails from Detroit and according to her CBS bio the lovely brunette is all about doing her best to assist her fellow man:

America: Be prepared to have me enter your lives! My name is Holly a.k.a. Yakety Yak. I live in Phoenix, Arizona, originally born from Detroit, Michigan. My ethnic background is Babylonian; specifically “Chaldean” and I speak Aramaic. I’m passionate about making a difference, one BIG step at a time. While there are a variety of personal things I enjoy and want to do, like travel and have a fulfilling career, I believe that my purpose is to touch others by helping those who are less fortunate. In doing this, I believe I’ll leave my footprint in this world — helping others beyond myself.

Holly Yako from The Glass House

It looks like Holly did a little pre-reality-prep as she once had a ModelMayhem account and a Twitter feed that have both been laid to rest. Fear not you Yakety Yak lovers because Holly has herself a twin sister who’s been doing her darndest to drum up support for her sissy.

Her name is Heather Yako and she’s an established sports reporter who is the blonde version of Holly (which ain’t a bad thing ya’ll). Here is a photo of Heather and Holly together celebrating their graduation from Arizona State University.

Holly Yako The Glass House with twin sister Heather

Holly talked about her twin in her bio.

What makes me unique is that there is not only one of me in this world, but two! I actually have a twin sister and we’re fraternal twins.

One extremely random and fun thing I was able to round up from the interwebs was the following video of Holly helping out on a report on whether a certain hair removal product works or not. Hey, I did say random now! Check out some hard-hitting local news reporting at its best:

Man that was some serious close-up action of Holly’s hairy legs! In the end the product got a thumbs down but I give Yako a big thumbs up for giving it that old college try.

Speaking of the old college try, here is a great photo of Holly on her graduation day from Arizona State. Her sister said of Holly that she’s, “So proud of my sis for graduating early and moving on to her MBA ♥.”

Holly Yako the Glass House

Something tells me this Sun Devil is going to be a fun devil in The Glass House.