Andrea Clark of The Glass House family photos and audition video

Andrea Clark of The Glass House with her three lovely children

Andrea of The Glass House is about family and faith according to her bio information from CBS. In part she stated:

I am driven by my faith to always do my best and to Choose The Right. My favorite part about my life is that I have been married for 10 years to the most loving, not to mention, the hottest man in the world, Kris, and we have three amazing, beautiful children. They give me the strength to push myself to do things that I never imagined I could, like running a marathon and jumping out of an airplane.

The full name of the 31-year-old proud mother from Santa Clarita, California is Andrea Clark and I thought I’d share some wonderful family photos as well as her exciting audition video that by all accounts backs up what she had to say in her bio.

Here’s the audition video for Andrea as we see that the sky diving claim wasn’t just posturing as well as her hamming it up at her dad’s tire shop where she works.

Here was part of Andrea’s pitch to the casting agents with The Glass House (that was obviously a success):

“You want me to be on your show because I am America’s sweetheart. I am funny, I’m a hard worker, I’m compassionate and I’m super-competitive. Everyone has a friend just like me from high school and I know you do to. Whether it was the friend who was throwing bouncy balls off the walls in physical science or dancing to The Spice Girls at a pep rally in front of a whole school. Or the one who invited the new kid to come join their group so he didn’t have to sit alone at lunch. Or maybe it was just the captain of the soccer team or the volleyball team or even the prom queen. And, yes, those were all me.”

Here’s another great pic of Andrea and her family, this time including her husband Kris:

the Glass House Andrea with her family

That’s a good looking family! Here is some additional bio information provided by Andrea form her CBS profile:

My name is Andrea and I’m 31 years old from Santa Clarita, California, where I was born and raised. I am a book keeper at my parents’ Tire Shop where I work with 7 of my 8 brothers. Yes…I said 8 brothers! Growing up in a large family really shaped me into the person I am today. I always knew my brothers would be there for me no matter what and that they’d always have my back. As a result I am extremely loyal. I am very competitive and, being the only girl in my family, I have always felt like I have something to prove. I will go toe-to-toe with anyone no matter what their size and I don’t quit. I work hard but play harder.

The only sister of 8 brothers!?! That must have been something when her “hottest man in the world” started courting her. Not only did he have to win the approval of Andrea’s parents but her brother, and other brother, and other brother, and other brother, and other brother, and other brother, and other brother, and other brother! Kudos to Kris for holding his own on that one. I’m sure it wasn’t easy.

As Andrea mentioned she’s driven by faith and in her audition clip she talks about being able to have a great time without consuming any alcohol so it’s apparent she has conservative values. It should be interesting to see how those convictions play out in The Glass House.

Here’s one more pic of Andrea with her family. This photo reflects her conservative values as she rallies in support of California’s controversial Proposition 8 that became part of the state constitution in 2008 providing that, “only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.” The law has since been overturned in court but the legal process is ongoing as a stay has been issued.

Andrea Clark from The Glass House supporting Proposition 8

Remember, in The Glass House the power is all in the hands of you the viewer. So if you’re Team Andrea and want to show your support make sure you head over to ABC and cast your votes. There is also an official Facebook Fan Page that’s been set up, you can check that out here.

Could you show us the way out of your dad’s business, Big John’s Performance Tires? Hey, thanks Andrea!

Andrea Clark audition for The Glass House