PHOTOS BIO Who is Lacey Buchanan, Jake Owens’ fiancee?

Lacey Faye Buchanan Snorg Tees model

Lacey Faye Buchanan is a 23-year-old model from Winter Park, Florida. She met Jake while they were both on the set of his video for “Eight Second Ride”. That song went to #11 and was his Jake’s first Gold single, but it was the video that would provide lifetime dividends for the country singer. In it, she played the uber-sexy brunette in leather that wandered into a bar looking for a country boy, and she darn sure found one.

Lacey Buchanan in leather, "Eight Seconds Out" video by Jake Owen Lacey Buchanan in leather, "Eight Seconds Out" video by Jake Owen Lacey Buchanan in leather, "Eight Seconds Out" video by Jake Owen

So, yeah, looking like that will make grown men accidentally spill beer all over each other…and get a rising star country singer’s attention!

The video was filmed sometime in early 2009, so they’ve known each other for about three years. Little did either of them know this was the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Or the way they look at each other in the video…maybe they did? Here’s the video so you can see the instant chemistry for yourself:

According to Jake, the two didn’t start a romantic relationship at the time, but as revealed in this CMT interview, they did keep in touch. After two years went by, in mid-2011 they made the whole “boyfriend-girlfriend” thing official.

Jake Owen and Lacey Buchanan in "Barefoot Blue Jean Night"

That times up with Lacey’s appearance in her second Jake Owen video, the fun and romantic “Barefoot Blue Jean Night,” in which Lacey appears both barefoot (in a bikini) and in blue jeans around a nighttime bonfire. She’s versatile!

Lacey Buchanan in swimsuit and Jake Owen in "Barefoot Blue Jean Night"

So sure she looks good in a slinky, tight leather outfit and in a bikini, but the ultimate test of beauty for a Florida country girl is how she looks in a cowboy hat. How’s our Winter Park girl rate on that?

Lacey Buchanan and Jake Owen "Eight Second Ride"

Okay, she rates good…really good.

So that’s her relationship with Jake, but what about life outside of country music? Seems Lacey’s built quite a nice little modeling portfolio all on her own. In fact, she was one of the super-hot Snorg Tees models as recently as 2010. Here’s an interview with Lacey posted at the Snorg Tees Facebook page posted back in September of 2010. In it, she says her favorite things include “yoga, camping, fishing, the beach, and anything outdoors.” After you get past the yoga, it sounds like Jake Owens’ dream girl already!

She also says her favorite music is reggae (I can already imagine getting a reggae tune ready for his next album), that she’s been a swimmer for 15 years, and she loves to talk. There’s plenty more at the Facebook page, so go check it out. Until then, here’s an ultra-cute gallery of some Snorg Tees model shots.

Lacey Faye Buchanan Snorg Tees model Yoga pose Lacey Faye Buchanan Snorg Tees model boxing Lacey Faye Buchanan Snorg Tees model Gun Lacey Faye Buchanan Snorg Tees model Gun Lacey Faye Buchanan Snorg Tees model

There’s also a video accompanying the Snorg interview. Watch it here, and meet the future Mrs. Jake Owen:

Finally, her modeling credits include some work with Joey Wright Photography. Go to that link and you’ll see some incredibly sexy shots by Wright of Lacey, although he has identified her under a pseudonym of “Misty Leanne.” But that’s all Lacey…and then some!

Again, we’d like to congratulate Jake and Lacey. They seem to really be in love. And it’s not something the very young, very single, and very handsome Jake has been shy about revealing in interviews. Here’s a guy who could have just about any woman he wanted, and he’s been so sweet and mushy in his interviews regarding his girlfriend. Here’s a brief snippet from an interview he did with CMT that reinforces that:

“…I threw my girlfriend a birthday party that I thought was pretty cool. It took a lot of effort on my part, I mean, as busy as I am on the road. And she actually is the girl in the “Barefoot Blue Jean Night” video. But she had never had a birthday [party] before. I wanted to make sure it was a fun time, so I got a band, I rented a photo booth and a bar and just had a bunch of people there. It was a lot of fun. It was one of the most fun times I’ve had in a long time. I knew she was happy. … My music really parallels my life in the fact that it’s what I do. The things I do are really within my lyrics — whether I wrote it or not.”

That kind of adoring talk makes images like this from his “Barefoot” video seem like not much of an act!

Lacey Buchanan and Jake Owen in "Barefoot Blue Jean Night"

And one final image to go with our look at Lacey Faye Buchanan, the girl who stole Jake Owens’ heart…and it’s not of Lacey. It’s of Jake and the first time he laid eyes on her, literally, in the video shoot for “Eight Second Ride.” I think this says it all, don’t you?

Jake Owen in "Eight Second Ride" video