Ashley Forrestier of The Glass House is a ‘Creole Queen’ singer

Ashley Forrestier The Glass House

In spite of CBS trying to show Big Brother shade it looks like ABC is moving ahead with its own voyeur reality show, The Glass House. They have announced the cast, first names only, and one of the contestants is Ashley hailing from New Orleans, LA.

It turns out that her full name is Ashley Forrestier and she currently lives in Houston after being displaced by Hurricane Katrina. In Ashley’s bio from ABC she’s partly described as:

The BIGGEST small person you’ll ever see! I’m as spicy as the cuisine my hometown is known for. In a world that is filled with pretentious people, I’m a straight shooter. My flavorful personality combined with my “don’t take no stuff” attitude should pique your interest to keep me in the house until the end. I am a New Orleans native that is proud of my Creole heritage, I love the Saints (Who Dat!) and will rep LSU (Geaux Tigers!) until the day I die. Being from the “Big Easy,” I know that life isn’t always simple and learned this lesson the greatest when I had to flee my birthplace in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Ashley from Glass House

It turns out that her love for The Big Easy goes beyond the norm as the hopeful reality TV star also has been attempting a career as a singer with odes to her town. I was able to round up a few videos of the self described Creole Queen so you can have a taste of some of her singing flavor to assist you in whether or not you want to be team Ashley or not.

Here is the first clip for “WHO DAT (Going to the SuperBowl)” feat. MostCold. Yeah, girl loves ‘dem Saints:

And here’s another tune called “I am Creole.”

One more clip of Ashley Forrestier for you. This is a brief interview with KHOU 11 Houston that also includes MostCold.

What do you think of Ashley’s singing chops?

You can get more info on Ashley’s recording career via MostCold’s site here.

You can show your Twitter support and love for Ashley @TeamAshleyGH.