Amanda Zuckerman’s dad defends her Big Brother showmance

Amanda Zuckerman as a little girl

It must be strange to be the parent of one of the house guests of Big Brother. As a long-time fan of the show I’ve always wondered what moms and dads think as the show progresses and their kid’s life is broadcast 24/7. Well I don’t have to wonder any longer because Big Brother 15 cast member Amanda Zuckerman’s dad, Robert Zuckerman, is a Twitterholic and poppa Z is ALL about #TeamAmanda.

Robert’s Twitter account is a fascinating look into the world of a hamster-dad. He rolls with ebbs and flows, comments on what’s going on in the house, shares adorable pics like the ones above and happily answers a ton of questions about Amanda including her budding showmance with McCrae.

In case you’re wondering, Amanda’s dad is crushing just as hard on the pizza delivery dude (as long as he treats her right of course) as his daughter currently seems to be doing! Here are some of the pro McCranda tweets from Amanda’s old man:

Heck, Amanda’s pops is already ready for McCrae to move in!

And of course there’s the omnipresent racist storyline that has dominated the headlines this summer. Amanda had her own derogatory moment when she called Andy, “Fa**oty Ann.” Robert defended the comment just like his daughter did when he wrote, “Andy was with her when she said that in fun, Amanda has been in theatre and went to amda Arts college .. She has many gay bf.”


When Big Brother decided to address the issue by airing a montage of Aaryn’s racist remarks, it was Amanda who was the most vocal and confrontational in opposition. This was something her father predicted would happen when he wrote, “I will tell u that Amanda hates bigoted, racist, anti Semitic people.. Believe me she will let them know how she feels.”

When the episode aired Robert tweeted:

Keep on tweeting Mr. Zuckerman, I’m loving it!

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