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Phaedra Parks

Bravo has added two powerful peaches with potent pedigrees to the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta for Season 4! As I mentioned in a previous profile post, the long and lovely Cynthia Bailey boasts a legitimate supermodel resume and legitimate supermodel body. (CLICK HERE to read all about Cynthia!)

But the talk of the virtual town so far is powerhouse entertainment lawyer Phaedra Parks, who hit the drama ground running in episode one with bold statements about herself, her career, her husband Apollo Nida and fellow cast member (as well as fellow Athenian) NeNE Leakes! Phaedra had nothing but positive things to say about the first three, but unleashed a genteel tongue lashing on NeNe, insinuating that the former stripper was devoid of class!

Famous for not being kind to newcomers (remember Kandi last year?) NeNe was able to unleash in her own narrative in the first episode calling Phaedra “Plain Jane” and completely lacking in “fabulosity!” And on last week’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, NeNe responded to Phaedra’s comments about her by saying her nickname for Phaedra is Fakedra. MEOWWW!!

Attorney Phaedra Parks

But enough of the Season premiere drama recap (You can see the entire episode and read a full recap HERE), let’s move on to getting to know Phaedra Parks!

Phaedra (Greek for “The Glowing One”) grew up in Athens, Georgia – a mid-size college town about 70 miles east of Atlanta and home to the University of Georgia. Phaedra attended the same high school as NeNe Leakes, though several years behind her. (I tried and tried to find out the name of the school with no luck – if you know please comment below and I will add it to the post)

Phaedra Parks intro video from

Phaedra got her undergraduate degree from Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia – a small, private, Methodist-affiliated women’s college that owns the distinction of being the first college in the world to grant degrees to women.

The sexy Phaedra Parks full length photoAfter graduating from Wesleyan, Phaedra returned to Athens to get her Juris Doctor law degree from the University of Georgia. She reportedly considered politics as a career “but didn’t like the compromises and needs to clip her tongue to accommodate constituents. She prefers being able to speak her mind,” according to the Atlanta Journal and Constitution.

Phaedra Parks left UGA and began working for GEICO’s in-house law firm of Bridges Ormand & Faenza, “watching and learning from seasoned lawyers,” she says, “who knew how to handle clients and judges and million-dollar deals.” ( Phaedra enjoyed being an insurance defense attorney and even pondered becoming insurance commissioner for a time, but that was before hip hop promoter Shakir Stewart saw her trying a civil case and planted the bug in her ear about becoming an entertainment lawyer.

Phaedra’s friend Ryan Cameron, an Atlanta DJ, finally convinced her to take the leap, assuring Phaedra that if she wasn’t overrun with clients within six months he would go and get her old job back for her himself.

Atlantic Records recognized Phaedra’s talent and almost immediately sent a high profile case her way involving their young star Drama, who was in a Georgia prison at the same time as a scheduled tour. Phaedra got Drama a furlough and toured with him as insurance that he would return. From SuperLawyers:

“Accompanying Drama was not part of the written agreement,” she says, “But the record company wanted to make sure he made it back to jail in time and it was sort of understood that I would be responsible for that.”

Rapper Too $hort, whose family was friends with Phaedra’s family, also took on her services and stirred up quite a bit of business with his on-air claims that he had the prettiest and toughest lawyer in town.

Bobby Brown and lawyer Phaedra Parks in 2007Since that time, Phaedra has gone on to represent a laundry list of high-profile celebrities such as Too $hort, Jermaine Dupri, Ludacris, Bobby Brown and Michael Jackson as Managing Partner of The Parks Group, P.C., an Atlanta-based boutique law firm that represents entertainers and athletes all over the country. Her Bravo bio page fills out her resume: “She has served as a legal analyst for NBC and Fox News, and has been featured on Entertainment Tonight, EXTRA, Court TV, among others for her handling of several high-profile clients and cases. An active member of the community, Phaedra, self-proclaimed “Southern Bell,” sits on numerous boards and is involved is multiple charities.”

Normally her high-profile career would be the spotlight, but the most dramatic storyline for Phaedra on The Real Housewives of Atlanta promises to be her marriage to Apollo Nida, a handsome younger (8 years younger!) man who just happens to be an ex-convict! That’s right, Apollo served over 5 years in prison after being convicted of racketeering as well as theft by receiving stolen goods. (CLICK HERE to read all about Apollo Nida’s white collar criminal past, including mug shots and court records!)

There is no way in heck that the other ladies of the ATL are going to let someone come in with Phaedra’s “holier-than-thou” Southern Belle attitude and not fire back with both barrels on her marriage to Apollo! Judging from some of the previews for tonight’s episode we won’t have to wait very long either! And the drama will only ramp up because Phaedra was pregnant during filming! That’s a lot of exclamation points!

As an extra bonus, here’s a video tour of Phaedra Parks’ crib:

  • Leesa

    How old is “Phaedra”? Acts like a Disney star but my kid is already bored.

    • robyne

      I think she is very close to 40 ,,, that why it was such a high risk preg. and he is abouit 33-34…

  • rp

    I don’t think the issue is really that he’s an ex-con, the problem is his wife is so ignorant and is constantly stating how much “classier” she is than everyone around her. The ignorant comments about white people eating out of cans and not knowing how to discipline their children was pure racist (I’m a black female…AND true southern belle)! I wish Life&Style would feature her as the racist she is and not talk about her husband, who actually seems like a decent human being! I don’t blame white people for being offended and if she was white and said the reverse….all HELL would have broke lose! It’s ignorant people like her that take away from real racist/social issues!!! You’re a classy, lawyer who sits on numerous charity boards but yet it’s unacceptable to remodel and build up a lower class neighborhood? I hope these charities get smart and separate themselves from you!
    P.S. I noticed on Bravo’s website Phaedra is currently traveling “abroad”….which sounds like she knew the reaction was not going to be nice! Have fun at your in-laws for the hoidays, hope they serve u Spam!

    • rebecca

      i think she is also a racist. If i was her husband i would take all of her money, and that beautiful baby boy with me because trifling people like her doesn’t deserve a baby that gorgeous. She needs to appreciate her beautiful son because if she is a racist she’s being racist towards her own son and that is just plain sick. She must don’t know black and white people make the most gorgeous children i hate ignorant people. Doesn’t she know that there is no race but one race and that’s the human race idiot!

      • Justin


  • lllllll

    The high school that her and NeNe graduated from is Clarke Central High School

    • Nona

      Yep Mrs Nene went to Clarke Central High in Athens Ga. I’m sure of this because I attended the school as well.

  • TJ

    I agree with you rp. That is a fake a$$ low life tramp. Why pretend you are more than you are? If you have money and fame, fine, but why talk about others. I really think she grew up poor and trying to fool the audience that she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. I never wish evil or harm on anyone, but it would be to all charities, boards and law firms associated with this tramp to walk away. She really is taking the show down on the real. When she is up i fast forward to the next scene. Please remove her from the show and leave the slot vacant if you can’t find anyone but fake pretenders.

    • Sahsa Feerce

      U know what TJ?………I say the same. They all try to act like they never been to Brooklyn LMAO Phaedra need to sit down; why she buying c@#$ she has sooooooo many insecurities about herself she really created a imaginary world where this is how she been all her life. If thats the case how she meet Apollo and his criminal activities. I feel they was in on it together since she say she met him in 1995. And he took the rap with a promise to keep him caked up? What u think TJ and get back @ me : )

  • betty mitchell

    I just love Phaedra and with all her southern posturing she may be the only “real” housewife. She is colorful but I just think that is her. She definitely graduated from some tough schools and proves herself as a lawyer. When she got a clear look at her baby you could see the heart melt and a mother emerge. She is a good woman…her mother has made sure of that.

  • Vee

    Classy????? With a microwave and mini refrigerator in your BEDROOM! (look closely when she shows off her unused workout machine and furry underwear; you’ll see it) “Honey, I think not” (in my fake classy Phaedra voice).

  • Sista

    I told my friends if I could meet any if the Atlanta Housewives it would be Phaedra parks. I know that I am a Southern Bell by heart. I really enjoyed watching the show and I feel all of the Housewives are all unique in their own special way. What really hurt me was the lack of compassion some of the housewives had towards Phaedra while she was pregnant. To make jokes, catty remarks about her unborn child was totally unhumane and I was shocked. Her baby was being cursed while in his mother’s womb. What a shame! I don’t think I will be looking at the Atlanta Housewives if there’s another season. God did say jealously is crueler than the grave and there are so many people who are really jealous of Phaedra Parks. The world lacks love and respect for other’s. Everyone is so caught up on material things and hate for other’s to get ahead in life. The competition is so intense and has taken control of the minds of God’s people. The Atlanta Housewives was not just show it portrayed the lives of millions of people all over the world. Money can’t buy real love nor organs if you need a transplant, it can’t cure cancer or other life threating diseases. Money can’t buy true friendship. I would rather be a nun than live the lives of the Housewives of Atlanta.

  • robyne

    I just hope they stay together! He is on parole so he must keep his nose clean…I hope she does not run him away with the southern bell isms!!! ohterwise goodluck… maybe not be on next season and comeback after the baby is older…and he get more credibility…

    • Suze

      The article above states Apollo is older than Phaedra. However, on Bravo’s Watch What Happens: Live with Andy Cohen from 12/19/10 Apollo himself stated we was younger than Phaedra. And that they met when he was still in high school???? Yet his arrest record states he is 32. Somebody can’t tell the truth to save their life.

      • Jay

        Yes I seen that to and he said that he was 4 years younger than her but I seen on a profile of her that was 38 or 39 shoot probably pushing 40 now so how would make you 4 years younger they both need to get it together..

        • star

          Actually, the above article states that Apollo is 8 years younger than Phaedra. I think someone needs to pay more attention when they’re reading,just sayin…

  • Agnes

    I wish to congratulate Ms. Phaedra on her tenacity and her confidence. I truly like your style in the fact that you love yourself and have the utmost respect for self. I am trying to show my teenage daughter positive black women and you being on television helps to show her that all of her choices are her own, and if she wants to own it she can. There is not much we as people cannot do here in the United States of America and being African American does not stop you from succeeding in anything you wish to do or be.
    I thank you for allowing America into your life and I salute you in your successful profession, I wish you, Apollo and baby Ayden the best life has to offer and continued blessings.
    Also I am glad you refer to God in all that you do. God bless.

    • Ginger

      My family and I love Phaedra Parks. She has more class than the other Atlanta Housewives. She’s just a joy to watch. I’m so glad she put NENE Leak in her place.

  • ShiningStar

    I have to say that Phedra has gotten better than she was at the beginning of the season. She was soo arrogant and was acting like she was better than everybody else, but at the same time she could act ghetto and stupid. But I noticed as the season went on, she started acting somewhat better. Probably because she found out that everybody was hating on her. She still tries to act somewhat better, but she is a little bit more likeable now than she used to be. But I do admire her for being a strong black businesswoman. And now she is adding going into the funeral business to her repertoire. That’s great. As far as her and Apollo is concerned, who knows how that will turn out. But I hope them the best.

  • Ann

    HWOA is an interesting show. Why I don’t like it is bc it shows black women being katty and too materialist. My friends are not like that…thank GOD. Ne Ne, Sherrie, whatev…..

    And, Phaedra, I like her style related to dress and home furnishings and her hubby. But, whether she quotes Malcolm X or Boo Boo The Fool, she married an ex-con. It seems like Alicia Keys marrying a man who had a wife and cheated on that wife with a woman from Britian and knocked her up and then knocking up and marrying Keyes, Jill Scott with her baby daddy who has two other baby momma’s….are other examples of black women settling. Sad….but true.

  • Claudia

    Who cares?!?!?! This “show” is a BORING WALKING DISASTER!!!!

  • Val

    I am proud of my Sister In Christ Phaedra. You go GIRL!!! You are very successful and you rock for going the extra mile to do things for the community as well. We need more sisters like you. Blacks need to stick together and stop being so jealous of others success. Hold your head up Phaedra, I may need you in the near future for some business advice. Make that MONEY!!!
    Whom Phaedra married is her business, as long as he treats her well, is faithful, and works, that is all that matters. WE are not perfect. I am sure she has her ducks in a row, when it comes to her finances, as well.

  • Tori

    She is a very successful black woman, and i am very proud that she represents us very well,unlike some people who would rather sit around all day and do nuthing..Although she did make that comment but thats something like she quoted her and her husband joke about in there own home!!She is just one person to ever admit something like that on tv..There is so many people sayin wht ever they want in there own home but you want know about it…But dnt get mad bc she made something of herself and she shows it..Nobody is perfect..And thst the problem with some many people they are so stuck on how other people are living there lives you cant even ;ive your own…Stop being soo damn noisy and concerned about stuff that really dont involve you… Let GOD do the judging not you…Because in the end she gonna do her and you gonna do you…

  • jessica

    Phaedra knows how to speak clearly.Apollo does not.
    Papa smurf is a liar…Cynthia is digusting.
    Nene is a user….John uses her for sex and gives her gifts.
    Kandi appears to be calm and cool.
    Sheree looks hispanic…she’s poor.
    Kim is the lucky one….please Kim don’t stay in this show…………run run run…
    They all envy you….especially disgusting Cynthia.

  • Maxine Esope

    Nene went to Clark Central High School in Athens

  • Chandy 8

    Clarke Central Highschool

  • Barbara ?????

    Hi Mrs. Parks, Do You think that you Have Any Relatives In Macon, GA. An If So Would You Ever Try To Visit Them , and why or why Not. Very Interesting.!!!!!