Kelsey Grammer’s pregnant stewardess girlfriend is 29-year-old Kayte Walsh

Kelsey Grammer’s third wife (of 13 years) Camille Donatacci Grammer maybe making bank on their sudden divorce, but it looks like Kelsey’s the one who really came out ahead.

Not only did he get to be “in New York doing broadway” and miss out on taping the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but he’s also knocked up a hot, young stewardess.

Kelsey’s been recently seen strolling with his new girl all over New York, but nobody knew who she was until her dad (who’s a big fan of Cheers and Frasier BTW) outed her to the Daily Mail.

“I don’t know how long they have been together and I have not met him yet, but I’m looking forward to it. We just found out about her pregnancy a couple of days ago. I think they met in New York socially because she works for Virgin Airways and often stops over in America. The main thing is forthem both to be happy and they are – they have just hit it off together.’

He also added “I’ve always wanted to be the grandfather of Frasier Crane’s children.”

Okay, not really, but it’s in the subtext.

  • Aimee

    She is so nasty especially compared to his wife! What is he thinking??!!! He is awful for doing this to his family. What a creep fugly loser!

  • pat

    camille, really….you ARE THE NASTY AND CRAZY ONE

  • Morgan

    all i have to say! i know that this was comming! if anyone watchs RHoBH you can tell that he dosenot care about her!!!!!!

  • Sarita

    Other than money, what would possess any woman with any dignity to go after a married man, especially someone as troubled (and old) as Kelsey is? Also, if that is a real quote by her father…what a fame whore he must be to be happy for his daughter who broke up a marriage and family to get impregnated by someone with such a bad marriage track record. In the end she’ll probably get a lot of money but it won’t last because this is just another example of his terrible relationship pattern. I feel sorry for all his children…what an asshole.

    • Jamie

      Couldn’t of said it better myself!!!

      • Teres

        You are exactly right. He is a snake in the grass and I’m very glad that she didn’t have a prenuptial agreement. I hope she gets it all because he got what he wanted, a younger woman to have an affair with.

  • Becca

    Love how Camille bashes Faye Resnick for posing in Playboy when she herself has posed. What a hypocrite. Loved the “reading” the nasty “medium” did, supposedly for Kyle. Just goes to show you the medium is as fake as Camille’s lips and boobs – she was ostensibly talking about Kyle and her husband, but in reality, it was Camille’s marriage going down the toilet. Camille really looked like the cat who swallowed the canary when she got all the other housewives upset. She is a calculated trouble-maker. Wonder what she’s going to do now that her only claim to fame – her “A list husband” is divorcing her. Ha, ha, ha, she is getting exactly what she deserves – back to being an insecure nobody.

  • Linda

    Camille has definitely come off as insecure and a troublemaker at times during The Housewives but she appeared to genuinely love Kelsey. No one deserves to have their life ruined like this and NO ONE deserves to be told that their marriage is over via the telephone. What a horrible thing to do to someone. I’ve always liked and watched Kelsey but my opinion of him has changed. He is a coward and a snake for cheating, impregnating another while still married and for breaking up over the phone. Not to mention having the balls to then ask her to come to the Awards on his arm.

    Has anyone else noticed how similar Kayte and Camille look (a younger version of Camille).

    Also, Kayte is a low life. I don’t care what the circumstances are you don’t spread your legs to a married man. It will be interesting to see if they have the wording “What God has joined together, let no man put asunder”. Karma’s a bitch.

  • joana

    someone needs to tell daddy hOw they could you proud of someone who sleeps with a married and breaks up a family..but i bet she did it all on purpose..he’ll cheat on her just like he did the others 🙂 and to be hOnest i will not feel bad for her when he does…

  • Rebecca S

    Too bad this kid is going to grow up in 24/7 media to know his mother is a homewrecking w**re and his daddy was a cheating, lying, bas*ard. Thats going to be one messed up kid!