VIDEO Teen Mom OG returns November 27! Watch the preview clip

Teen Mom OG new Season premieres November 27 2017

The OGs are back! Or, at least they will be soon. MTV just announced that Maci McKinney, Catelynn Baltierra, Amber Portwood and Farrah Abraham will be returning for a brand new season of Teen Mom OG on November 27 — and of course there’s a preview clip:

The clip doesn’t reveal a whole lot of specifics about viewers can expect this season, but each mom is given a quote that I’m guessing surmises a lot of what their story lines will be. Actually, the quotes kind of reminded me of the Teen Mom OG spoof of The Real Housewives, so I will present each as a tagline:

Amber Portwood Real Housewives tagline new
“I promise that I’m stronger than I look.” – Amber Portwood

Farrah Abraham Real Housewives tagline moving to LA
“It is official, I’m moving to L.A.” – Farrah Abraham

Maci Bookout Real Housewives tagline Ryan Edwards drug test
“As his father, you have to pass a drug test, and we are going to be there.” – Maci McKinney (to Ryan Edwards) OK, that one was a little weird as a tagline.

Catelynn Lowell Baltierra Real Housewives tagline new
“I can’t let my fears dictate what I want in life.” – Catelynn Baltierra

“I’m tired of being with somebody that walks away! Get out!” – Amber Portwood (I didn’t do a second one for Amber.)

The new season of Teen Mom OG premieres Monday, November 27 on MTV!

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  • FrontDoorMom

    Catelynn…always looks so tore up. Ugh. Wish she would get it together.

    • pmo

      she;s as big as a house.

      • FrontDoorMom

        Like girls got all that money, youre not depressed youre lazy and it hurts to work out cause girl, ya lazy.

        • savannah

          She literally would never have to leave her house, if she approached MTV and said she wanted weightloss/fitness to be a story line, they would friggin send her a personal trainer to do in house stuff with her…I don’t understand it? Even if they didn’t I don’t make much money and was able to afford personal training and bootcamp fees and I work a full time job…so…it seems strange to me. She’s obviously not happy with herself or else I wouldn’t even comment.

          • FrontDoorMom

            Exactly! I dont think its depression though. Ive never seen anyone throw their depression out as an excuse every chance they get. Shes just lazy to me. Shes not depressed when she goes out to ny for reunions and partying it up or on vacations or out buying properties.

            • Tallulah Mae Magpie

              it’s called “munchies” from chronic pot smoking and being lazy AF. mystery solved.

  • Meeee

    Ryan should give maci n Taylor a breathalyzer test!

    • Billie

      I’m by no means a Maci fan, but I’m gonna say that being so high you don’t even know you got married vs having a few more bud lights than is deemed proper is the bigger issue.

  • Chewy

    Oh Yucky

  • BallonLivesMatter

    I thought that Farrah got fired.

    • Regina

      This season was already filmed so she’s not going to be on the next one apparently.

  • me

    Sounds like some jealousy is going on up in here. Catelynn has had a pretty rough life. and for you all to make weight comments is pretty immature, your age really shows. Weight is a huge part of depression. Shame on all of you!!! Peace

    • FrontDoorMom

      Whats my age? You can only carry the excuse “wahh my past” for so long til someone says shut up and move on. Soooo many people have had it FAR worse then her and continue to struggle and never cry about their past and blame it on their past. Dumb excuse. Try again. It gets old real quick when its the “go-to” excuse. And to guilt trip your spouse, “wah im afraid youre going to leave me wahhh” better yourself and stop trapping people into guilt while doing nothing for yourself. I know im not the only one who doesnt believe her. Thats not depression. You dont drag others through your misery. Its an isolated situation but man she sure knows how to milk it and knows how to go on vacations but she gets home “IM DEPRESSED!!” i know depression and have seen depression. Its not catelynn.

    • Tallulah Mae Magpie

      so you are fat and haven’t had therapy for your “rough life” and feel the need to defend someone you don’t know. got it.

  • Lalala

    Did you guys hear that Amber is pregnant again?! The Ashley reported it so I guess it means it’s true?!

  • Tallulah Mae Magpie

    Catelynn needs to stop eating herself to death. She is not meant to be a big girl. This is not someone who can say they’ve always been “curvy”. This is a girl who “hits a pin” on a daily basis and hasn’t figured out which strains don’t cause overwhelming munchies. As a career level pot head, I’d expect her to have figured this out by now. Good grief, she is just massive compared to last season. Guess Tyler has that heifer of a wife he never wanted now, huh?