BEFORE THE 90 DAYS Jesse and Darcey are together in New York, like right now!

Before the 90 Days Darcey and Jesse together in USA

On this season of Before the 90 Days, it appears as though Darcey Silva and her hunky Dutch boy Jesse Meester are struggling to find the chemistry they shared prior to meeting in person. That, combined with Darcey’s angry outburst on social media earlier this year, had most everyone assuming #Darsse was not gonna last. However, both Jesse and Darcey have recently been posting on social media about still being together, and this weekend Jesse flew to New York City and was photographed with Darcey and her daughters!

The photo of the happy family was posted by Darcey on her Snapchat earlier today and shows all four enjoying a visit to the Sugar Factory. Prior to that photo, Darcey shared another with just her daughters (before Jesse’s arrival I assume) celebrating her 43rd birthday:

Darcey Silva NYC birthday with her daughters

Meanwhile, Jesse documented his trip to the US on social media, and he continued to hint that he and Darcey are still together:

Jesse Meester flying to New York City

“Off I go for a few days,” Jesse captioned the photo. “Cheers to hard work. Love is in the air my friends.” Love is in the air y’all!

Although it isn’t relevant to his relationship status with Darcey, I wanted to share the video Jesse posted of the first thing he did after he landed in the United States:

I love Jesse Meester so much.

So are Jesse and Darcey really back together? (Actually, Jesse claims they never even broke up in the first place.) Although I don’t have any more evidence that other #Darsse social media stalkers, I’m still going to call BS. My guess is that TLC is looking to do some sort of reunion special — which is extra difficult given the format of Before the 90 Days in which the folks from other countries would have difficulty getting to the US. Perhaps they could arrange for the US cast members to get together (with Jesse and whoever else they could get permission to bring over) and set up Skype calls? The viewership on this show is just too huge for TLC not to try to do SOMETHING in the way of a reunion!

I want to point out that although I am as big a fan of Jesse and Darcey as anyone, I really don’t want to see them return for a new season (of 90 Day Fiance or whatever) if they are just faking their romance. Please TLC, don’t make me not like #Darsse! If the love has died, let it. (Unless one of them is obsessed and assembling a notebook full of soshull meedya evidence!)

As a bonus, here is a little Darcey and Jesse preview nugget from tonight’s episode in which Jesse seems a bit put off by tipsy Darcey. (My apologies for using a secondhand video source, but TLC’s embeds are sooooo awkward now.)




Forget the drunk drama or whatever, can you BELIEVE Jesse’s apartment?! He’s got the mood lights set to red, he’s got a fireplace screensaver on his flatscreen TV, there is hot water over an open flame for tea, another open flame for a reason I cannot discern, and two bottles of Champagne on ice. And I didn’t even mention Jesse’s Hugh Hefner smoking robe and Calvin Klein undies! How is it Darcey’s clothes aren’t just melting off?!

Annnnnnyways…. Here is a screen cap recap of the clip that I’m sure will be all over social media tonight and tomorrow 🙂

Before the 90 Days Jesse Darcey drunk scene

The new episode of Before the 90 Days airs tonight at 8/7c on TLC!

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  • Suzanne Parvin

    Don’t wear makeup. You look so young without it.

    • Say it as I see it

      Big difference huh

      • Suzanne Parvin

        Oh the heart wants what the heart wants….

  • DIDI

    They are both so thirsty. And not for wine. This relationship is 100% to be on TV/social media relevant. Gag.

  • Joeb Henny

    This dude clearly treats her like crap and does not like her.
    Just doing the minimum for the cameras.

    I just realized he shows a strong resemblance to Charlie Manson.
    I’m quite serious. Especially the beatty eyes…

    I don’t like this guy, pure dirtbag

    • Laurie Hainz

      I can’t stand Jessie. I think he’s a controlling narcissistic ass. The only thing I see remotely attractive is his body the rest is yuck! I don’t see why she wants that what so ever.

      • Say it as I see it

        I also agree and she came across as so needy. But she looks pretty now…lost weight…a lot less make-up and highlights to her hair.

    • Say it as I see it

      Me either

  • Joeb Henny

    As others have pointed out this guy is clearly a homosexual.
    As such, he’s shows a disdain for Darcey because she’s a female. No doubt he’s faking the relationship for the cameras and his own personal gain.

    • Say it as I see it

      I know people over there and they are just different from us from their dressing to their thinking. I don’t believe he is gay but I believe he is over horny. You can tell he wanted her home when he gets home from work. Sets the room up for sex …that’s all he had on his mind and he is a male pig. He thinks the world revolves around him. What with the silky woman’s housecost he wears?