90 Day Fiance’s Anfisa’s lips before and after injection

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Anfisa Arkhipchenko made a splash on 90 Day Fiance with her desire to experience the fine life in the U.S. with Jorge Nava. The Russian beauty started off this season’s first episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After by learning that her husband Jorge isn’t a millionaire like she thought, and is actually $30k in debt.

Anfisa is beautiful, but the 21-year-old has already had her body altered by several different plastic surgery procedures. Jorge helped pay for a boob job, nose job, and she reportedly has plans for a chin surgery. She also now regularly gets her lips injected. The above photo, which surfaced on Reddit, shows Anvisa’s (left) lips before they were ever touched by a need.

Anfisa has recently defended the reality of the relationships on 90 Day Fiance, but even though she may have dated Jorge for a year before their 90 day marriage visa, their relationship has appeared to be on shaky ground since the moment she arrived in the U.S. They shocked viewers by going ahead with their marriage even though Anfisa has been brutally honest to Jorge about her desire for money. After marriage she’s said that she hates being married to him. On the way to get approved for her green card, Anfisa told Jorge she was going to leave him as soon as she got her green card.

A little over a month ago the now-deceased Stevie Ryan spilled tea on Anfisa and Jorge, saying they were now split up and Anfisa is now working as a stripper and cam girl. The couple’s scenes on the show are just endless icy tension only broken up by fiery screaming when Anfisa doesn’t get what she wants.

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  • bambiglanville

    Ugh these two. So annoying.

  • TA

    I don’t watch this show, but can we please stop with the lip injections? I don’t understand what the attraction is to overly inflated lips. It’s like an eye brow piercing- it doesn’t look good on ANYONE.

  • Layla00

    What about Paola’s? At least Jorge can afford hers. Pao spends all Russ’ Govt money he gets from unemployment on her injections and he’s broke. She has no job, 30 and thinks she’s going to be a model with her basic looks. Anfisa is at least fun to watch. Pao is a leach.

    • Martha Rose Wright

      LA police need to arrest and charge Anfisa with spousal assault and battery….this has happened several times.
      Jeorge is a battered. spouse.

  • RIP Stevie

    Still cannot believe Stevie Ryan killed herself. It is so strange and tragic. She was somehow unaware that most famous people in LA (and everywhere) work for decades in small parts, then fall off the radar, then make a tiny comeback, again and again and again until they are seriously famous.
    Whatever her reasons, it was a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Just sad.

    The Russian girl’s lips looked better before the injections. Apparently she doesn’t realize that proportion matters. The bottom lip has to be bigger in 99% of people. She made her too lip too big and it detracts from her appearance, at least in these photos.

    • Thoughts

      She literally never said anything about not receiving big enough parts… she did however say her depression heightened during the peak of her career. It wasn’t a “permanent solution to a temporary problem. She had a chemical imbalance in her brain… she was on and off all sorts of medications for it. She tried experimentive procedures to try and get better.

      She had a podcast that touched on mental illness often and was quite interesting.

    • Thomas Silk

      She looks even worse than Farrah on Teen Mom OG. And Farrah is a hot mess.

  • DIDI

    This article is clearly fake news. You can tell because the author called Anfisa “beautiful.” 😀

  • Thelma

    I don’t think Stevie is a legit source. There was a screen cap of an old alleged cam video. To believe this there would have to be new photos/footage or a credible witness.

    • Trash TV

      The only thing that made me doubt is that it said she worked (Anfisa, working?) as a web cam girl and left Jorge, while living in an appt paid by him and all her expenses paid. Why would she work while Jorge is paying for everything?
      One of two is not true. She is not working or she is cause Jorge is too broke to support her.
      Jorge can never claim he was mislead, she has been brutally honest about her intentions.
      The other option is that he helped her to get famous and a green card and that they are both faking it.

  • Mcouts

    Doesn’t matter how much work she has done, she’s ugly from the inside.

  • DeeDeDee

    Over inflated lips look like cat buttholes. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it

    • Trash TV

      Indeed, thank you for sharing that, ugh.

  • Rice

    Her whole face is puffy and her lip gets stuck on her nose..

  • Caty P. :)

    All the talk about her looks aside, she HAS to stop hitting Jorge. It’s ridiculous, and I hope they’re just playing for the camera, but what she’s doing is battery, and unacceptable for either a man or a woman to do. Although really, that might be the least of their problems :/

  • Thomas Silk

    The bitch looks like a puffer fish now, and it will only be worse after her injections. What an ugly bitch.

  • PCpolice

    She’s no beaut. The chin she needs, but her lips are so unevenly over-inflated that it’s taken away from any natural beauty she may have had prior. When she smiles, she looks like a freak due to these injections and frozen face due to botox..These are all expensive procedures, with upkeep the same….several thousands per year, not including any surgical procedures..
    She has a good figure, butter her face.
    TLC is complicit in that they didn’t report the domestic physical battery, a crime in all states..We’ve witnessed this on more than one occasion. Had roles been reversed, he’d have been in jail the same day, Can’t stand the double standard!
    Anfisa is in need of serious, court ordered emotional treatment.
    She’s highly prone to rage, that future offspring would be at risk.
    My opinions.