PHOTO TEEN MOM 2 Briana DeJesus gives birth to daughter Stella

Briana DeJesus daughter Stella born July 2 2017

Congratulations to Teen Mom 3 AND Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus! The MTV star gave birth to her second child, daughter Stella, earlier today!

Normally quite verbose on social media, Briana made the announcement with a simple photo posted to Twitter and Instagram that featured Stella’s footprints along with a hand-writeen message that reads “For my sister, Nova.” On Instagram, Briana captioned the picture with “What a blessing.”

Briana DeJesus daughter Stella details

The paper also included Stella’s digits: She was born at 1:57 PM, weighed 6 pounds, 11.6 ounces, and measured 19 1/2 inches long!

UPDATE – Briana shared this tweet second ago:

We don’t have any further details at this point, but MTV News assures us that “Mom and baby are both healthy — and Nova is very excited to be a big sister!”

Briana’s sister Brittany teased us all with her photoless tweet: “My nieces are so cute together ?”

UPDATE – And the very first public photo of Stella (well, sort of) courtesy of Brittany:

Nova and Stella ?

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Briana had posted this week that they were going to induce labor Monday night if she hadn’t given birth yet, so Stella arrived on her own time in the nick of time. 😉

Congratulations to Briana! We can’t wait to continue following her story (as well as Nova and Stella’s) when she returns to MTV for the Teen Mom 2 premiere on July 17! Oh, and be sure to tune in to MTV Monday night (July 3) at 10/9c Central for a “New Mom” special all about Briana!

Here’s a preview:

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  • DanaD

    Is Nova really that popular of a name?? Anyways time for Bri to get her second mommy makeover in her early 20s just to get knocked up again. I will say one thing Jenelle besides the boobs is one of few with no work done. I think Chelsea is the only one who all natural which is one of the reason she’s a great mom. Bri go to the freakin gym, diet, heck just get off the sofa and the kids to the park. Walk there. Any surgery is a risk, you have two kids now!

    • Karina

      Chelsea had botox.

      • DanaD

        Really? I didn’t know that. Why in the heck would someone in their early 20s need Botox?

  • M

    Good thing she had a girl! Otherwise her family might have disowned her and the baby…

  • FYO

    So now that baby #2 by baby daddy #2 is out of the way, when can we expect baby/baby daddy #3?

    • BooBooBaby

      I know, right!

      I will not watch this Nonsense…..why is Teen mom 2 adding another Loser to it!? And this one and her family are bigtime Losers!

      No Thank you!

  • BooBooBaby

    Don’t care anymore! I will Not watch Teen mom 2 because they brought back this Loser from Teen Mom 3!

    Ridiculous! We have enough m0r0ns on the show….why add an extra piglet!??

    I hope it totally fails and gets cancelled!