Real Housewives of New York City’s Kelly Bensimon bikini photos

Kelly Bensimon bikini

Kelly Bensimon gave folks on Miami Beach a sneak peek of what they can expect if they pick up the March issue of Playboy magazine, which features the 41-year-old former model and most recent addition to the cast of The Real Housewives of New York City.

Actually, according to our sources who have actually thumbed through the March edition of Playboy, there’s only three things you get to see in the magazine that you don’t get to see in these hot bikini shots taken February 26, 2010 because Kelly decided to keep her Georgia O’Keeffe to herself in the spread. KB was in Miami for the Playboy Magazine Party in her honor at the Fontainebleau Hotel’s Liv Nightclub.

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Kelly Bensimon poses for bikini pictures in Miami

According to my favorite photography duo, Flynet’s Miami-monikered Crockett and Tubbs, Kelly Bensimon is wearing a Tomas Maier bikini. Them boys don’t just take perty pitchers, they know their fashion!

Kelly Bensimon on the beach in a bikini

In order to maintain this site’s reputation as a fair and balanced source for near-nudity, we are obligated to match the previous three frontside photos of Ms. Bensimon with the same amount of attention paid to the backside. (We like to try to keep all our readers happy!)

Kelly Bensimon's bikini booty and sideboob Kelly Bensimon deals with a bikini butt wedgie

I’m not a huge fan of Kelly Bensimon on The Real Housewives of New York City, and I’ve certainly had my fair share of fun at her expense, but I have to admit that that’s a mighty fine lookin’ 41-year-old mom right there! Maybe Bravo will learn a lesson from this and only show pictures of Kelly this season, relieving her of the seemingly overwhelming burden of having to try to say things. Zing!

Photos: Crockett/Tubbs

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  • Sarah

    She looks like a man from behind. Stop it!! Her body is not the bizness!!!

  • joan

    How did this woman ever become a model? She is not attractive whatsoever. She looks more like a he.

  • Ade;e

    Seriously! look at the first photo – even looks like she’s ‘packing’. She is built like a boy, has the ‘middle age spread’ at 41 and her muscles that go down to her bikini/groin are like a MAN’s. I think she IS a dude. But seriously how did she become a model – did you see her doing her photo shoot for her party? She doesn’t know what she’s doing but she should COVER UP because her body is scary – almost as scary as her face and attitude. She’s almost as much of a model as LuAnn who did Sears, JC Penney etc. and when she tried to give Bethenny ‘runway lessons’ – yeah we walked like that on a runway in the EIGHTY’S – and you can tell she’s done very little.

    But Kelly should cover up that body – and wear a bathing suit that fits instead of pulling the entire thing out of ur butt crack.

    SO fugly. I mean come on – come’s a time no matter how ‘good’ you THINK you look – to put the bikini away. I’m 48, great figure, look 30 (with NO help from knives, lotions, surgery etc.) and can wear a bikini and look great – do I? No – at 48 have some respect for yourself and others – dress sexy but cover up – especially that manly gut. Maybe a bag on her face wouldn’t hurt either.

  • Ade;e

    PS: Playboy will have to spend a FORTUNE on retouching on this chick for real. They’re ALL airbrushed anyway – but this one could use some in real life. But for the magazine – she’ll need grease on the lens, pink lights and be lit like Barbara Walters is then retouched to look even remotely like a woman.
    She’s a drag queen – ala LADY GAGA and just as much of a freak.

  • Vona


  • Raquel

    Hahaha her stomach got wrinkles. Bitch is old!! Her skin is so nasty looking and she has absoutely no curves!