Jessa Duggar Seewald speaking on how to dress modestly at Ohio event

Fashionably Modest with Jessa Duggar Seewald tickets

If you need help picking out the perfect lengthy denim skirt or frilly blouse, then you might wanna pack your bags and head to the Heavenly Highway Tabernacle’s ladies’ retreat in Middletown, Ohio for “Fashionably Modest with Jessa Duggar Seewald!”

“Come hear first hand why Jessa has taken the road to modest living, while being directed by Gods word,” reads the event page.

The June 24 event will set you back $20 in advance, or $25 at the door, but with the price of admission you will get lunch and participate in a meet and greet with Jessa. Unfortunately for the fellas, men are barred from the event. Also, no children under nine–not even girls–will be allowed in.

As part of the ladies’ retreat, vendors will be in attendance. “There will be booths set up with consultants from Lu La Roe, Scentsy, Thirty One, and more!” reads the All Events entry.

There has been some rumors swirling online that the event had been cancelled, but the sponsors assure potential attendees this is not the case. It appears that organizers are still accepting applications for vendors, with the booth price set at $50. And here is an update from one of the event hosts on Facebook:

Hi friends!

It has been brought to our attention that some people think the event with Jessa was cancelled due to a second event being created, then cancelled.

This is not the case and we hope to see all of your lovely faces there!! 💁

“Fashionably Modest with Jessa” is happening on Saturday, June 24. The Heavenly Highway Tabernacle is located at 5990 Michael Rd. in Middletown, Ohio. Doors open at 9AM with the service starting at 10AM.

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  • Bruja


    • Jojo

      *vomits modestly in a floor length denim skirt and flip flops*

    • Brie Mode

      I wonder if they’ve disowned Jinger and/or sent her to a “rehabilitation facility” for wearing shorts that one time.

      I swear that girl is hiding in the closet, even though her man is defo not bad looking at all. I wanna punch myself for saying that last part. ugh.

      Here’s to hoping those two don’t name their kids something retarded as shit like “Spurgeon” and “Wilberforce”. wtf even are those names, seriously? Are those 2 on crack?

      • nssherlock

        They are on Bill Gothard’s brand off Quiver cult –

        • Brie Mode

          They are. And they also follow those Pearl family books “To Train Up A Child” and “To Train Up A Housemeet” or whatever that basically advocates physical child abuse and says the wife should never EVER leave the husband even when he’s domestically violent.

      • TA

        Jinger has been wearing shorts and pants since she was married. The family recently went somewhere together and she was photographed in long pants at this place with the rest of the Duggar clan.
        And I say, good for her! Some of the Bates girls also wear pants now that they’re married.

  • shebee

    I’ll pass. No need to take advice from a Duggar.

  • TA

    I’ve never understood how skirts are more modest than pants. Skirts show more skin, the shape of the legs, and have more potential for exposing a person should the wind kick up.
    I think it’s just because all the men in their cult are sexually repressed perverts and this is their way of having some sick satisfaction.

  • Alisson Leech

    No thanks. Lol

  • twelfthnight

    There are so many women on the internet who dress modestly and fashionably. Jessa (and all these girls) look like giant versions of third graders, they have no fashion sense whatsoever.

    • Hahahaha

      My 8 year old would be offended! She has more fashion sense than any duggar, and she dresses from the children’s place, and target. Lol

  • Whytee5522

    Did dressing modestly stop her sisters from getting molested by her brother?

  • Aussie cathie

    Grifting media slapper ….. Dumb cow

  • CutePuppyGuest

    Because dressing modestly has worked out so well for her and her sisters-NOT.

  • Regina

    Er.. you can definitely dress modestly and fashionable but the Duggars don’t really have that fashion part down. They look like their go-to store is Giant Tiger….