GYPSY SISTERS Annie Malone arrested for exploitation of an elderly person, additional felonies

Gypsy Sisters Annie Johnston Malone arrest mug shot photo

Less than two weeks after Gypsy Sisters star Angela Malone (aka Annie Johnston) shared photos on social media of a Louis Vuitton bag and Armani sunglasses she purchased on a trip to New York City, the 31-year-old was arrested and charged with multiple felonies, including Exploitation of an Elderly or Disabled Person’s Trust.

Annie was arrested along with two others in Halifax County, North Carolina earlier this week and is currently out after posting a $400 bond. (Actually, someone else posted the bond, but more on that controversy in a minute.)

According to online court records, Annie has been charged with the following — all of which are felonies:

Obtaining Property Under False Pretenses
Exploitation of an Elderly or Disabled Person’s Trust
Conspiracy to Obtain Property Under False Pretenses
Forgery of Instruments
(Which can mean checks) [2 counts]
Uttering Forged Instrument (Which can mean passing a bad check)

As I mentioned, Annie was later released after her cousin (and Gypsy Sisters co-star) Mellie Stanley posted her $400 bond. Or did she? Mellie’s niece Dallas claimed it wasn’t Mellie who footed the bill, but was TLC, who is reportedly currently filming some of the stars of Gypsy Sisters either for a reboot of the show or new episodes of My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding.

Mellie heard about the TLC claims and shared this literal receipt showing she paid a North Carolina bail bonding company $400 via netSpend:

Mellie Stanley paid Annie's bond receipt

Commenters pointed out that it could have very easily been TLC that gave Mellie the money to bail out Annie — especially if they are filming and need to keep the fourth wall intact. That theory is backed up by the fact that Mellie was stranded in central Texas earlier this week after her (or someone’s) car broke down. She was soliciting places to stay near Austin on Facebook, and clearly did not seem like someone who had $400 cash laying around. Also, Mellie reportedly just flew back to West Virginia, which almost certainly wasn’t a viable option for her — especially on such short notice.

Oh, and why was Mellie in Texas? I have no earthly idea. I only had about eight hours allotted to research this post, and was unable to get that far before the clock expired.

Back to Annie’s incarceration…

Arrested alongside Annie was Dick “Bubba” Cooper and Jeanette “Jett” Small. Our readers might recognize Jett’s name from our previous Gypsy Sisters post which included a video of an altercation between Jett and two other young ladies. Also included in that post was a video of a physical altercation between Annie and Nettie’s daughter, Dallas.

Gyspsy Sisters Annie

As with any Gypsy Sisters post, there are many layers of connectedness between the players involved here. I spent too many hours trying to piece it all together, and I still don’t feel confident at all that I have figured out all the ways these folks are connected. That being said, here is what I did come up with, thanks in large part to the diligent documentarians on several Gypsy Sisters drama Facebook pages:

A man named Jay has gone back and forth being in relationships with both Annie and Dallas. Jay has two children with Dallas, but during his most recent stint with Annie, the two got married. Jay later left Annie and went back with Dallas in October, just before Dallas gave birth to her daughter London.

Dallas recently posted a conversation she had with Annie via Facebook in which Annie was trying to track down Jay’s address so she could serve him divorce papers. Annie’s motivation for getting the divorce finalized is because she wants to get married to 19-year-old Elisha “Lushy” Cooper, who is currently behind bars in New York. Lushy has a February 2 court date and Annie is hopeful that he will be released soon and they can make their relationship just as official as their recently deleted “Lushy N Annie Cooper” Facebook page.

As evidence of her optimism, Annie Instagrammed a photo of a coffee mug on Sunday that read “Future Mrs. Cooper.” She captioned it with this message:

#soontobeMrsCooper can’t wait my lushy makes me so happy can’t wait to be his wife I will keep everyone updated my baby has made me so happy I didn’t think I would feel this way again but lushy has shown me that there is happiness out there

And these photos of a Luis Vuitton bag and Armani sunglasses were posted by Annie earlier this month while on a trip to New York — during which I assumed she paid a visit to her future hubby Lushy:

Gypsy Sisters Annie Malone shopping spree Louis Vuitton Armani

It is unclear how (or if) Annie’s recent arrest will impact the timeline for her divorce from Jay and marriage to Lushy.

Speaking of Lushy, he was previously engaged to Annie’s alleged partner in crime Jett last year.

Lushy is also the brother of Jett’s husband Dick “Bubba” Cooper, who was the third person arrested with Annie.

Lushy and Bubba are also brothers to Douglas Cooper, who is currently dating Gypsy Sisters star (and Annie’s sister) Kayla Williams. Here is a photo Annie posted with her “sexy double bro in law” Doug:

Gypsy Sisters Annie and Kayla's boyfriend Doug together

* It should be noted that Annie and Doug are still technically married to other people, so they are more than a few steps away from actually being brother and sister in law. Of course, it is possible that they are already brother and sister in law via their current spouses — I have no idea.

There is a lot of information about exactly what the alleged crime was that Annie and her pals committed, but I won’t share those specifics here until they are confirmed in a police report or in court records. I will say that they seem to line up with the charges described above in that an elderly person and fraudulent checks were involved. (It should be noted that a lot of this information was posted prior to Annie’s arrest.)

OK, that’s all I can give you! I’ve been blogging about celebrities for eight years now, and there is absolutely NOTHING as exhausting and draining as a Gypsy Sisters post! As soon as they offer a Pulitzer Prize for tabloid journalism, I’d love to toss my hat into the ring for my Gypsy Sisters oeuvre over the years. 😉

Speaking of my Gypsy Sisters oeuvre, for clarification on how all of the main characters from the show are related (including Annie, Kayla, Mellie, and Nettie) be sure to check out our Gypsy Sisters Family Tree post. I confess I had to reference it just to refresh my memory for this post.

Louis Vuitton bag and Armani glasses photos: GypsyGossip2 Public on Facebook

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  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    Now way she is only 31! I would have guessed not a day over 47.

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    Definitely not arguing about the complex and confusing web of relationships with this group, however, it seems all of this was found within an hour of scrolling through Tattle Tales.

  • LoLo

    In South Florida there were several cases of elderly scams like this. They were linked to Gypsy sweetheart scams. My grandfather’s neighbor scammed him out of money & tried to move in to his home. Wanted him to sign things over to her. It’s a terrible crime.

    • Che

      A family friend lost his house ! Took out a loan for the girl on his house. He never heard from her again.

      • LoLo

        So sad. My grandmother passed away & within weeks a lady who rented out a room at a neighbors house had her claws into my grandfather. He had dementia & she befriended him. We would go there every morning before work & then after work & we would have to chase her off & he would get mad at us. She had him convinced we did not care for him & that she was his true friend. We started noticing money missing & that he was buying her & her child things. We had to call the cops & chase her off.

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    Yay! I love this show lol I hope she gets in trouble

  • Sunquest

    Once again I am simultaneously repulsed yet fascinated by TLC Gypsy gossip. That family tree referenced from an article a few years ago is a pretty good start but it could definitely use some updating including a little expansion on Nettie and Kayla’s grandchildren from their kids who have been featured on the show at least. However, I get that organizing a tree with that volume of kids produced via multiple relationships mostly among blood relatives (not to mention the repeated use of names and then nicknames given to distinguish) must be beyond a daunting and mind-numbing task. Oh, and another scam, another crime, another arrest now, huh? Between that and making babies with different partners keeps the stereotypes of that culture alive and well…

  • pmo

    these two pics of annie look better than she has ever looked on the show, always said she should grow bangs and cover up that forehead. if she bought armani or lv, believe me she bought it from a somali on the street or down in chinatown bogus goods. also thank u for clearing up the name jett for me, guess it;s short for jeannette. and she is 31 and new bf is 19, sheese ever heard of robbing the cradle?

    • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

      Annie is the one that’s 31 with a 19 year old jail bird husband to be.

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    Now there is nothing wrong with second hand, but nobody would buy a car that is 5th hand and just 6 years old, cause there is something wrong with it!

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    Poor Annie! This poor woman cannot catch a break! First Dallas steals her HUSBAND then takes a few cheap shots at her head in a bar and now this. It cannot be easy living each day knowing that Nettie set up all those gossip pages just to tear you down. Whats wrong with these people??? The whole family is just crumbling. I blame Nettie. She is so fame driven that she is willing to destroy her family, yes Annie is her family, to get her name in the media. They all need Jesus because they are not Christians.

    • Linda Henson

      All this happens to annie because she’s a lier and a thief.

    • ???

      Dallas didn’t exactly steal her husband. Annie married a man that had already had one baby with Dallas. Then he went back and forth between them and got Dallas pregnant with their second child while he was married to Annie.

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      Sing it!

      This whole post is spot on. These fools are not good for shit, except breeding (apparently with cousins and in-laws, lol) stealing, lying, cheating and animal abuse.

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