Apollo Nida is engaged, fiancee Sherien Almufti filming for RHOA with 8-yr-old daughter

Apollo Nida fiancee Sherien Almufti

News broke this week that Phaedra Parks’ ex husband Apollo Nida didn’t let a little thing like an eight-year prison sentence get in the way of love as it was revealed he is now engaged to a New Jersey real estate agent named Sherien Almufti (or Shereen Almufti, depending on which of her social media profiles you go by).

Unlike Apollo’s ex Phaedra, Sherien apparently has no issue with bringing her child to see Apollo in prison as she has allowed her eight-year-old daughter to visit him on several occasions — much to the chagrin of the girl’s father. In addition, Sherien has reportedly been filming for The Real Housewives of Atlanta!

First, let’s get you all caught up on the engagement. TMZ broke the engagement story on Monday and they shared this info:

Sources close to production tell us Apollo started dating the woman 2 years ago … before he started his prison sentence, and they got engaged a couple months ago. We’re told the woman lives in NJ, not far from the the federal prison where he’s serving his sentence … and she visits twice a week.

She and Apollo have both shot scenes for the upcoming ‘RHOA’ season — he’s on by phone — and we’re told producers want to keep her identity under wraps until the episode airs.

The 2 big questions: NO, the fiancée did not shoot scenes with Apollo’s ex, but Phaedra Parks’ reaction to the relationship was captured — and NO … the fiancée doesn’t have a ring.

Apollo shared a photo of his picture (first uploaded back in March of 2014) along with TMZ’s headline and he added the caption “You see that smile? That’s how she makes me feel all over! #MyQueen #NidaFitness #TheNidaTeam #FreeApollo #Goodmorning”

The mystery of “Who is Apollo Nida’s fiancee?’ was quickly cleared up thanks to the internet, revealing her name to be Sherien Almufti.

Sherien Almufti

Born in Jordan, Sherien (photo above) is 34 years old and, according to her Explore Talent profile, she measures 5-foot, 5-inches tall. As TMZ reported, Apollo and Sherien met prior to him beginning his most recent prison sentence, which lines up with numerous reports that Apollo was having a sort of Hookupalooza tour prior to his incarceration, including being spotted in Philadelphia where Sherien spends a lot of time for work.

Sherien herself later confirmed that she is the lucky lady who will get to be the future ex Mrs. Apollo Nida by posting a photo on Instagram in which she is kissing a framed Sister 2 Sister magazine cover featuring Apollo:

Apollo Nida engaged to fiancee Sherien Almufti

“Oh how much I miss this MAN! ?❤️” Sherien captioned the photo. She later shared the same TMZ headline photo that Apollo did and wrote, “That’s the thing about destiny, people meet at the worst time of their lives…….. ❤️ #summerthirteen”

Meanwhile, Sherien’s ex-husband Derrick Copes is none-too-thrilled about the news, but only because Sherien has been allowing her daughter to visit Apollo in prison. Derrick first sounded off in the comments section of an Fameolous Instagram post about the engagement:

If I may try and clear the air a bit…. this is her ex husband and I’m her daughters father…. Yes I left her due her superficial ways….I was tired of sponsoring her BumBehavior…. I just pray that she wakes up and realize what she’s exposing our child to… this is crazy

More from Derrick:

Sherien Almufti ex-husband Fameolous Instagram

Derrick later spoke with Radar Online and continued to express his frustration over his daughter visiting a prison (and also being on The Real Housewives of Atlanta), although he did tone it down a bit compared to his Instagram comments. “If Apollo is in my daughter’s life, that’s no problem,” Derrick says, “but don’t take her to prison. Phaedra doesn’t even take her kids to prison!”

Derrick reveals that he has stopped paying child support until Sherien agrees to stop taking their daughter to see Apollo behind bars. He also expressed his frustration over Sherien taking their daughter out of school for an extended period of time to film RHOA. “She took my daughter out of school a week an half ago to go to Atlanta to film. Who takes their kid out of school to go film when it’s not educational? That is not good parenting.”

He later stated flatly: “I don’t want my daughter on the show. I don’t want her going to a jail.”

Apollo Nida and fiancee Shereen Almufti

Of course, Derrick wants to make it clear that Sherien is free to make her own decisions as far as who she wants to date. “At the end of the day I don’t have a problem with them seeing each other,” he says. “We’ve been divorced for two years. It’s not about Sherien’s relationship with him. It’s only about me not being happy with our 8 year old going to a prison.”

As far as Sherien’s appearance on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, there’s an actual video of her filming with Todd Tucker and Peter Thomas in the basement of a restaurant that surfaced on Instagram prior to the engagement announcement. It was speculated at the time that the mystery woman was actually Peter’s girlfriend.

Tamara Tattles points out that Cynthia was present as well, and possibly Kandi. “The reason I think the filming was at they OLG is because the rumor is that Kandi was there and she was NOT happy with the jump off being there,” TT explains. “I also think I saw Mama Joyce there as well. At least I hope that was her that went into the room Mama Joyce is stealing the show this season.”

If you’re admiring Sherien’s fashion and accessories, you might want to check dem props because according to Fameolous, “The Bravo production team also gave her this $3500.00 jacket you see and the Chanel bag to borrow while she filmed. They also gave her a white Benz truck and Rolex to film in.” The site adds: “Kandi Burruss wasn’t too friendly with Sherien and it said she treated her mean.”

Fameolous previously revealed these scoops as well:

So, [Todd Tucker] and [Phaedra Parks] both know [Apollo Nida]’s fiancé Sherien Almufti. Bravo production team flew Sherien down two weeks ago to film. Todd will act like he doesn’t know her but he does just like Phaedra. Bravo gave Apollo’s fiancé a $60,000 Rolex watch to wear and gave her a white Benz truck to drive while she filmed. Sherien was married before and shares a kid with her ex-husband Derrick Copes. Apollo and Sherien met in Philadelphia at a night club while married to Phaedra Parks!?

Shereen Almufti photo

Oh, and there was this unconfirmed info from someone who is obviously not a fan of Sherien:

Nida Apollo's fiancé☕ This lady is a scammer. I met her in Sept when I was looking for an apt. At first she seemed really nice and genuine in trying to help me, like not running my credit and giving me the bigger option out of the 3 apts avail. She stated when I seen the place that the apt is still being worked on and would be ready by the 2nd week of sept. The week I was to move in (Oct 1st), I got the 2100 to move and sent to her via PayPal. I figured since she got the money that I could start moving my things a day earlier, she starts feeding around the Bush saying "oh I can't get the key right now, I can give it to you tomorrow morning". I was skeptical but what could I do if I need to move out of my place. The next day I can't get a hold her until 3pm the afternoon. I'm angry because I placed my things and it was in the uhaul. Mind you, fame. I didn't sign the lease yet or have keys to the place at all. After finally talking to her, she tells me the apt is ready yet. Im like it's the first why isn't Yet? You said 2 weeks ago it would be. She lied to me and said no you can move in its the just the bathroom tiles that weren't ready. I get there, no lie the apt was basically gutted to the point that there was no kitchen or bathroom. She knew it wasn't ready but instead of telling me, she made sure she got her money and when I called her out of her bullshit, she claims that it was livable. I couldn't move until a week later and couldn't go back to my previous apt. And I don't know what game she was playing this month but I had to with hold rent because she didn't want to give me the copy of my lease. She lied to me and the owner because he was unaware of my move in date and told her I couldn't move in that day and was unaware of the fact I didn't have a lease. Part9/9?

A photo posted by Fameolous (@fameolousent_) on

Something tells me there may be a few more skeletons dancing out of Sherien’s closet now that her identity has been revealed.

Meanwhile, Phaedra Parks has remained quiet on social media about the joyful announcement — I assume we will get her take on screen. Stay tuned!

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  • Charla

    How desperate. Apollo needs someone to put money on his books, answer his calls, and provide him with a place stay when he gets out.

  • DeeDeDee

    I can’t stand Phaedra, but for some reason this gets under my skin. Like the entire time you’re throwing her under the bus and spreading her business, talking about how you wanted to work on your marriage and she didn’t, you were dating somebody else? Typical habitual criminal behavior.

    • LoLo

      Agreed. Like her or not, she put her kids first. We’ve seen her emotionally struggle about what’s right. Taking the boys to jail, you wonder how it will affect them. Will think it’s normal. Not taking them, how will it affect them & the relationship they have with their father. Even before he was in trouble he talked poorly about his wife, their mother. He openly flirted with women, spent money etc. She put up with it, I feel for the kids. But, him going away was the last straw & good for her. I may not agree with everything she does, says or even wears but I do see her as a very loving mother who made a bad choice in a husband. His new woman must be pretty desperate & doesn’t have those same concerns about her child. Who in the hell would bring their child to visit a man in prison that isn’t her family. Something is not right in her head.

      • DeeDeDee

        Exactly. The amount of sh*t she got from people who were supposed to be her friends made me red in the face. Like basically everything about Phaedra annoys me, but Apollo had it made with her and there was no reason for him to need to go commit crimes for monetary gain. Oh, he got mad because she held money over his head? Yea, I’m sorry, I wouldn’t be spending thousands a month for my husband to be at the bar every night either. And Kandi acting like Phaedra was in the wrong for being mad over everything Kandi and Todd to help Apollo out? Puh-lease

        • LoLo

          Todd is only on Apollo’s side because I would bet Apollo has dirt on his behavior at the bars & strip clubs. Kandi probably suspects it but looks the other way. She’s a boss in so many aspects of her life but doesn’t stand up to Todd or her terrible mama. When Todd first came on (after Phaedra set them up) I liked him. I was on his side 100%. But, now I see he’s like the others. Anything for cash. The scene where mama Joyce was ragging on Phaedra last week was so set up. Kandi acting like she’s not a part of it yelling “mama” every time. We know her & Todd put those words in mama’s mouth. That way Kandi can jab her without having to do so directly.

          • PB

            Kandi probably wouldn’t care if Todd does whatever. The only things she seems passionate about are her repulsive mama and making money. Todd seems like just another one of her acquisitions to me. They make a good match, though cuz he doesn’t seem passionate about her either.

            • LoLo

              I agree. I love how he’s starting businesses with her money & acting like it’s his. She’s trying to give him busy work.

          • Alisson Leech

            Kandi is a doormat to Todd and Joyce.

            • LoLo

              As well as their ATM

  • Demetrius Mckinnon

    Not surprised at all that he was boning someone on the side during his marriage to Phaedra. She’s a very successful black business woman who devoted most of her time to work and school. She acts weird and pretentious and treats Apollo like he was someone beneath her. He doesn’t share the same work ethic or desire to be a career man. You can’t marry or be in a relationship with someone that has less than you and doesn’t plan on doing better and expect for there not to be problems. That man was using Phaedra for a straight up sugar mama.

    What will be poetice is, when he gets out of jail, Apollo stays with her for her for a lil minute and gets bored with her and leaves her. She obviously isn’t doing as well Phaedra and Phaedra is still the mother of his two boys! The side chick that he has now, WILL ALWAYS PLAY SECOND or THIRD FIDDLE IN HIS LIFE!

    • LoLo

      You hope that’s the case. I have seen plenty of men treat the new girl & the new girls kids better than there own. I have known men that don’t do squat with their bio kids, kids they lived with for years but then turn around & coach their new girls kids, show up at school etc. But, forget the kids that’s theirs. I hope Apollo doesn’t do that. Hell, I would bet that he asks for joint custody & child support.

      • PB

        You are so right. I don’t understand it but I’ve definitely seen that happen.

      • Alisson Leech

        They always say whoever is the child of the woman a man is sleeping with gets treated the best!

        • LoLo

          That’s a sad saying but I guess it’s true. I am thankful that my kids never had to go through anything like this. I’ve witnesses it & it’s heartbreaking. The women who date or marry men with children should want their man to be a good dad to his kids. But, some feel threatened my the kids or the ex. I would never be with a guy that didn’t take care of his kids not just financially but by being in their lives. Women need to set higher standards.

      • DenAnn

        Happened with my ex, no contact with his 2 sons, never showed for ballgames and coached step kids and now their grandkids.

        • LoLo

          So sad to hear. I hope you kids had support & I’m sure they will know how much you did for them.

          • DenAnn

            You made my day, I thank you. In a world where people say terrible things online, you absolutely made my day with your kindness and recognition. One of my boys is a firemen and volunteers on 2 departments in addition to his job and the other is entering law enforcement.

            • LoLo

              You are very welcome. I agree about people hiding behind keyboards putting others down. Being a mom is hard, being a single mom is probably the hardest thing to do. As moms we worry about not only the necessities but their feelings & if we did everything right. Your son sounds wonderful & I’m sure that has a lot to do with you.

      • Demetrius Mckinnon

        Let’s get one thing CLEAR…… I DON’T LIKE PHAEDRA, legally she has more ground to stand on than some random delusional side chick. When and if the event comes around that Apollo starts to work and make a legitimate income, Phaedra can file for child support. There’s nothing that the side chick can do but help him pay expenses. Remember side chick will be the first and closest warm body he feels on when he gets out of jail and it’s a sea of women out there of women who physically want Apollo. SIDE CHICK AND APOLLO RELATIONSHIP STARTED OFF IN A SNEAKY WAY AND WILL LIKE LIKELY END IN A SIMILAR WAY.

    • Lorenzo Sanchez-Diamond

      Phaedra was complicit in whatever criminal activity he was involved in. Let’s get that out of the way. She’s a damned lawyer and not only did she know, she benefitted from it. Apollo(like all real dudes) didnt let his wife and mother of his kids take the hit. Meanwhile she abandoned him totally. I, for one, hope he finds happiness with his new lady. Phaedra has done super shady s&#t and we’ve all watched it. Don’t backpedal on your dislike for this lying ass chick now! She is as much a P.O.S. as he is. Keep it real!

  • DonnaMartinIsntStupid

    So Cynthia and Kandi were giving Phaedra a hard time over her texts with the “African Prince” while still being with Apollo. But Apollo has been dating this chick for 2 years, and i’m sure Smurf Pete and Todd were well aware which means C and K were too?? Dang those are some good friends.

    • LoLo

      Exactly! I never understood Kandi’s anger towards Phaedra over the prison visit thing. I don’t care how prison affected Kandi’s family, Phaedra’s kids are hers. Kandi & Todd hiding his stuff was another slap in the face. I can see why Phaedra didn’t want to pay Todd too. Todd was out with Apollo at night, doing “thangs”, then supporting him after his arrest & not supporting the kids which they claim to care about. I would bet that if Todd had gone away Phaedra would have been there for Kandi & the baby. I don’t even care for Phaedra but Kandi is wrong.When a man commits a crime & goes away you don’t blame the wife & not offer to be there for the kids. Phaedra said something like “Kandi & Todd are so concerned about me taking the boys to Apollo but haven’t called to see if they need anything or check on them”. Like you said “those are some good friends”.

      • PB

        I don’t like Phaedra either but I totally agree with you. Kandi can be so cold that it’s almost eerie.

  • LoLo

    I get standing by your man if he goes to prison (depending on the charges). But, I will never understand women, especially women with kids who decide to get into a relationship with a man that’s already in prison. He’s been in twice! What sane woman would bring her child to a prison to visit with a man that’s not her father, grandfather, brother etc? This woman is so thirsty to be on tv she would do that to her child? I could never imagine looking at my kids & saying “let’s go visit my boyfriend in prison & he’s going to be your new step dad”. What a poor example of a mother.

  • ItsOnlyMeMsKim

    This thirsty @ss trick have no standards at all…. Smdh,no wonder this biotch is engaged to a scammer,she’s a scammer her d@m self and clearly she can’t do any better! ????

  • Cindy

    I was ok with her because i wanted to see that horrible phaedra parks squirm. Until l learned this nutcase has an 8yr old daughter that she takes to a prison to see her boyfriend.
    What is wrong with facetiming !!!
    Can these type of women be that thirsty for fame. Dang !
    What an idiot !!! What lesson is she setting for her daughter to learn ??? Its ok to date convicted felons…..i feel so bad for that child right now and the childs father must be livid and rightly so.

    • Shan Swi

      Well Phaedra dated him when he,was in prison so actually there isn’t much difference but I know that I wouldn’t take my children there to the Prison period. .I think both women are fame wh*@$

    • Lorenzo Sanchez-Diamond

      And Ms. Cindy, please know that just because someone is a convicted felon,it does not make them undatable. A felony does not make a person evil and unworthy of love,no more than being a wealthy educated person makes you inherently good. I’ve seen brothers with felony records treat their women and children like royalty,and I’ve seen wealthy men abuse their families physically, spiritually and emotionally.