90 DAY FIANCE Danielle updates on Mohamed deportation status and more in new podcast

90 Day Fiance Danielle Jbali podcast

Sunday night was the final episode of the inaugural season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? (aka The Danielle and Mohamed Show), but before the episode aired, Danielle appeared on the Bring Me Your Torch podcast to update fans on how things are going since the Reunion taping plus fill in some details about questions raised on the show this season.

Here is the full podcast, followed by some transcribed highlights. (As I mentioned, the podcast was recorded prior to the Reunion Part 2 airing, so the hosts were not able to address topics that came up on that final episode. They did address Part 1 however!)

The conversation kicks off with co-host Jesse asking Danielle how she’s been doing since the Reunion taping. “I’m doing better now. I am,” Danielle says. “It has been rough with everything that’s been going on, but I’ve managed to get through it with the support of my family and friends.”

Danielle is asked to clarify the timeline of events a little as far as Mohamed moving out and then tracking him down in Florida. She reveals that Mohamed moved out of their house in Ohio back on December 18 of 2015 and her “American police” inducing encounter with Mohamed in Miami happened in May of this year.

Bring Me Your Torch co-host Elaine reveals herself to be a true fan of the show when she can’t resist asking an obvious question about Mohamed’s gal pal Luisa. “So was Luisa just crazy or did she just want to get on camera?”

“I think she just wanted to get on camera,” says Danielle, “because I had asked her to film with me, but we didn’t get to film, and as soon as she didn’t get to film with me, she stopped talking to me. So I think, yeah, she wanted to get on film.”

That was followed by this conversation about all of the supposed sacrifices Mohamed made to join Danielle here in America:

JESSE: We also heard Mohamed say that his excuses why he should be able to stay in America was that he gave up a lot for you, he came to this country, he left his friends behind, yada, yada, yada… Well, if that was all such a big deal, when you guys broke up, why didn’t he just move back home? It seems like he wants to stay in America for somebody who claims to have given up so much back home.

DANIELLE: Yes, I agree, because he’s always said that he would go back home if we ever split up, but now he has a change of tune that he wants to stay here. And I even said that to him once: “If you’re so unhappy Mohamed then go back home to where your family is and your friends are.”

ELAINE: Yeah, but in the after show he said he never once considered coming to America before meeting you. But that’s obviously a lie because he was on the website. So he clearly wanted to meet somebody from a different country — and obviously America.


The hosts then ask Danielle about Mohamed’s family and friends back in Tunisia and how much they know about Mohamed’s “celebrity stature” here in America. “I don’t think they do know the extent because he has, like, two different personal pages and one is for his family and friends that are back home, and then the other one is for everyone else,” Danielle says. “I have a couple of his family members on my page, but they don’t really want to get involved with the situation,” she adds.

Danielle is asked at what point she was able to finally be done with Mohamed and kick him to the curb after giving him so many chances for so long. “After Miami. After I went to Miami and the way he treated me there, and ended up calling the cops again — that did it.” [Danielle later revealed that her friend Beth had talked with Mohamed not long after he married Danielle, and she told him about the clause allowing green card spouses to get out of a relationship without being deported if they have been abused. Danielle believes that’s when all of the calls to the police began as an effort to start documenting a pattern of abuse.]

Danielle explains that she had more than romantic reasons to want to stay in touch with Mohamed. “The thing is, no one understands why I’ve done the things I have because technically me and the co-sponsor are responsible for him for the next ten years [or] as long as he’s in the States if he would collect government assistance,” she points out. “And that’s a big deal! Because the government could come back on me and the co-sponsor. And why, even if we’re not together, I still wanted to be involved in his life, because that’s a big deal!”

The conversation then turns to some of the sex talk brought up at the reunion. “This is kind of a tough question, and I apologize in advance,” co-host Elaine begins, “but it came up on the after show. Mohamed made claims that you locked him in rooms and screamed that you wanted your sex. Is there any truth to this, or is it [a] complete lie? I mean, is it a half truth?”

“Half truth,” Danielle admits, “because I — he’s not telling the part where I was three feet from the door and he could get out of the door. And it wouldn’t make sense [because] the lock is on the inside of the door, not on the outside of the door.”

“But you did scream that you wanted sex?”

“No, I never screamed that I wanted sex!”

90 Day Fiance Danielle Jbali sex quote

Jesse draws a comparison between Danielle’s relationship with Mohamed to that of Nicole and Azan (from Morocco) on the current season of 90 Day Fiance. He asks Danielle if she has any advice for Nicole.

“Yes, I’ve actually talked to Nicole, and I’ve talked to Azan too,” Danielle reveals. “I told Azan I recognized the stuff he was complaining to Nicole about, about the no kissing and stuff in public because I wasn’t allowed to do that when I went to see Mohamed. So I could understand where he was coming from because a lot of the countries over there, they don’t like that stuff out in public — it’s behind closed doors. So, I understand that and I told Nicole to take her time and don’t rush and to go back another time — maybe two times — before she does paperwork to make sure everything’s legit. And then I told Azan, ‘If you do come over, don’t let the fame get to you from being on the show.'”

So where are Danielle and Mohamed at now in their relationship? Danielle says she no longer speaks to Mohamed and the next time they talk will most likely be in court. She says Mohamed has tried reaching out to her, more than likely because he is scared by the fact that she refiled for an annulment, but she has not responded.

Speaking of not responding, when Danielle is asked when the court date is, she says she and her attorney are waiting for Mohamed to get served and for him to respond. “Once he responds, then they’ll issue a court date,” she explains.

Elaine knows Mohamed well and asks, “So what if he never responds?”

“Then I have several different options,” Danielle says. “Well, if he [doesn’t] respond, then they will just go ahead and set a court date. But, the issue is that he has to be served. So they sent a certified letter out for the first attempt, to get him served. And then if that [doesn’t] work, then we’re going to send papers down for the sheriff to deliver to him. And then if that [doesn’t] work, then I can do a posting in the newspaper as the last resort.”

Essentially it sounds like yet another episode of Tunisian Where’s Waldo! (Let’s hope those TLC cameras are rolling!)

Where's Mohamed Jbali 90 Day Fiance Where's Waldo mash up

So is there anything brewing with the feller Gabe that we saw Danielle go on a sort of date with this season? Nope. Danielle says they were always just friends and that the scene was something cooked up by show producers. “The show wanted to have me film with someone that was of the opposite sex, so they got Gabe to film with me,” she reveals. “Other than that we’re just friends.” Gabe was going through a separation from his wife at the time and Danielle says his wife reached out to her at one point, but she had to block her because “it was just too much drama.”

Danielle is asked if she has any parting words for listeners, which may or may not include Mohamed. “I want to say that I have been moving forward in my life,” Danielle asserts. “I’ve been accepted to college. I’m going to start in college in January. I’m going for RN.” She adds, “I’ve always wanted to be a nurse, so now I’m going to do it.”

Danielle had previously revealed her college plans on Twitter, and even included her acceptance letter:

90 Day Fiance Danielle is going to college to be a nurse

Congratulations to Danielle! It’s so great to see that she seems to be getting her life back on track after having it completely (and very publicly) derailed by her affection for Mohamed — who it seems never felt the same about her. We wish Danielle the best and REALLY hope we will be able to continue following her journey (and Mohamed’s) in future episodes of whatever show TLC can come up with to get us our DanMo fix. 🙂

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  • Gidget911

    I hope as a nurse she be her own first patient and get the vagina smell taken care of. I would not want her as my nurse, she is illiterate as hell. She is not innocent. She needs a punishment as well as Mo being deported.

    • sheryl kells

      Gidget ???
      You are a boil on the name of womanhood! She may not speak well but how did she meet the college admissions requirements?
      As for the ” smell”? How the hell do YOU know what she smells like????? Been in her private company have you??
      Or a you just taking a lying scumbags word for it??

      • Gidget911

        Get a life she is slow and so are you,

        • mickey710

          Hmmm, I guess posting a comment that makes sense, such as sheryl’s did, means one is slow. Seems pretty as* backwards to me.

        • Dyan Shane

          Yea yea, big talk hiding behind a computer. We know who your are bubble head. When you project, it is so transparent, your the one with the nasty fish issue, and your the one who couldn’t pass a 3rd grade test, because we know who your are! Slimeball.

          • my view

            Your hostility is totally uncalled for. We are just sharing our views. Stop with all the nasty names calling and intimidation.

            • Gidget911

              My view, thank you. Everyone has an opinion and thats all i gave.

          • Gidget911

            Actually, i am a paralegal in the energy field, so yes i can and have passed 3rd grade and above. Never a slimeball.

        • jinxie clark

          PLEASE people. i have a daughter who is 6 yrs old and has down syndrome. stop making such horrible remarks about ‘being slow’ maybe if you had a special needs child you would understand.
          there is a big difference in being naive and falling for the lies momo fed her and her being stupid. you do realize this show is heavily edited and shows her in the worst light for drama, right??
          since the invention of ‘smartphones’ there is a whole new language to learn called ‘smartphone’. auto correct SUCKS.

          • Gidget911

            I do have a son that is hearing impaired but I stand by my observation. My statement was to a few people who came for my neck about Mo and Danielle statements about her smelly vjj. Thats where the comment came from. Folks don’t like what I said but I stand by my feelings. It’s the tv show that exploits them. The network knew when they hired her that she may not have been working with a clear full deck but THEY make her the subject to all people watching. I can and will state my opinion. Just my opinion no shade. Its apparent, she is NOT naive, she can run through the street yelling I am going to deport your ass, she knows just what she is doing and I do not feel that he feed her lies, go back and look at the special, she just didn’t want to hear the truth. SHE JUST DIDNT WANT TO LET GO after he told her a million times he wants nothing to do with her. She thought she had an arm candy to show off.

            • Es

              I couldn’t have said it better myself! You nailed it Gidget!

            • Purposely. Me

              You are right on.

          • HLB

            Thank you

          • Joy Marie

            Have you heard the dumb stuff that comes out of her mouth? Have you seen her on t.v.? She doesn’t have down’s syndrome. To equate her to someone with down’s syndrome is an insult to someone with down’s syndrome. Danielle is just dumb and illiterate.

          • Slow doesn’t mean mentally disabled. Retard doesn’t mean mentally disabled. I don’t think anyone had called a mentally disabled (challenged is a better word) person slow for at least 20 years unless they were 82 years old.
            People will use words, words change and society should not feel stifled for using any

        • Jamie

          That is a run-on sentence, by the way. You like your grammar, so I didn’t want people to think you were slow.

          • Gidget911

            Your hostility is totally uncalled for. We are just sharing our views. Stop with all the nasty names calling and intimidation.

        • sheryl kells

          excuse me BIT%CH? I have college degrees do YOU??? I graduated with honors. Did you?
          Daniel seems to be SOCIALLY uneducated, yes her grammar is bad BUT I have been in the company of CEO’s whose grammar is just as bad if not worse.
          Bad grammar is not a sign of being “slow”.
          So now you insult people with learning issues as well by calling them “slow”?
          WOW!! I guess you voted Trump too? You just tell it like it is ?
          YOU GIDGET ARE DEPLORABLE! so get a dictionary and look up the meaning.
          You are a uneducated,sarcastic,rude biotch!

        • lorena

          lol…that’s a good one Gidget….lol

        • Cari S.

          Well, your comment was crude and irrelevant. Danielle has issues, definitely needs help. But, have you smelled her va-jay-jay to know that info?

          Maybe Danielle needs help, I think her thinking is all wrong and I wouldn’t have put myself in her place. But talking about her personal “scent” really has nothing to do with the fact that she got played, used, and lied to by an immigration scammer.

          I think she wanted to believe there was a bit of love there and sadly she isn’t very quick to catch on to the fact she was being played. Mohammed just wants a hot young girl who’ll treat him like a king. Case in point, as soon as Luisa told him what’s what, he was gone!

          Scumbags like him exist, too bad the producers didn’t contact immigration on him.

          Belittling Danielle just makes you a small person. Just because someone isn’t as super intelligent as you, you immediately bring them down. And it doesn’t mean Danielle wasn’t deeply hurt by what happened to her. Danielle needs help, badly. I hope she gets the help she needs, but you show how low class YOU are by immediately going to a personal level. Are you the official vagina sniffer for reality shows? Have fun with that.

          • Gidget911

            No, my comment was accurate. It had been stated a million times by the man that she so desperately wanted to sleep with. Have a geat day, troll else where. Thank god for the blocking feature. The trolls are out today. Hello, everyone else.

          • Gidget911

            YOU ARE A JOKE, i am laughing in your FACE right now. I have an opinion just as I stated if you or anyone else don’t like it, then thats your problem. I WILL ALWAYS STATE MY OPINION. WHO CARES IF SHE HAS PROBLEMS, SHE CHOSE TO MAKE AN ASS OUT OF HERSELF. And you have to be talking to half the board because more than myself feel like that but because you thought you were going to bully me into feeling a different way, I DO NOT.

          • Gidget911

            YOU ARE A TROLL, stop trolling.

          • Gidget911

            YOU ARE AN ASS, how about that.

      • mickey710

        I listened to the above podcast and I was amazed at how articulate and sensible Danielle sounded. ITA about her college acceptance–Bowling Green is a decent school and a RN program is a very tough major. I wish her success.
        Also agree about the smell remark. I would not believe a word out of his conniving, lying, mouth. He had sex with her when she went to his country several times and then he came to the US for more–the smell could not have been too bad.

        • Patricia

          Did we both listen to the same podcast?

          • mickey710

            Danielle sounded a lot more with it on this podcast then she does on the show. Her grammar was not absolutely perfect, but she still seemed more together then usual. I was surprised.

      • Debbie Joy Isley-Lang

        Exactly Sheryl, he is still in the wrong and needs to go!!!!

      • Marcy Scrot

        It’s a state school, she graduated in Ohio so is guaranteed to be entered as an adult. Notice it is a branch of the school. She would be great as a CNA with dementia patients as she seem caring and patient.

    • Gail Howard

      I’m an R N. and there’s no way Danielle could pass the required academic courses. All science.

      • Gidget911

        Thank you. People take things so personal. Its evident. I was not trying to throw shade, just stated my opinion now i have people calling me names.

        • Patricia

          Don’t let anyone get the best of ya. 99% of the people on these forums agree w/ya…

        • lorena

          no – let’s get it right – you WERE throwing shade…..

          • Gidget911

            NO I WAS NOT, just stating my opinion. Thank you. Have a great day.

          • Cari S.

            What can be expected from a girl going by the name Gidget911…. perhaps she’s a vagina sniffer and intelligence tester in her free time. Feel sorry for her kid(s), growing up with such a great example of how to talk about others.

            • Gidget911

              Yes troll, gidget911. Vagina sniffer, never. I am someone with an opinion. With that being said, if you are so concerned, go teach a grown ass women who can chase a man and beg him to come back when he consistenly tell her he is not interested, some self respect. Since you want to be the all mighty protector, teach her that she has daughters that is watching her horrible demeaning behavior. She as a mother chose that for her and her girls. And you want to comment, it makes me wonder about you. Now, i will not respond to IGNORANCE any longer. By the way you are months late, troll somewhere else. Do not ever worry about my kids because they are very well rounded and not to mention successful. Any person that actually went to grade school know about opinions. We all have them, i stated mine. Troll somewhere else.

              • Cari S.

                You should have COMPASSION for Danielle as she clearly has some issues processing other’s reactions to her. Women should raise their daughters to have enough self respect so that they don’t get walked on by guys like Mohammed who’s a scammer in the extreme. It’s sad, there’s no need to be cruel and you are the one who said…um…above that a nurse should be her own first patient and get her vagina smell taken care of. Kiss your babies with that mouth? Women should support each other, there’s enough hate out there already.

              • Venti Sale

                do you realize how many grammatical mistakes there are in this last post of yours? I am pointing it out because you mention Danielle being illiterate (which is correct, she is), but your grammar and punctuation are not free of error. just sayin’

          • Z

            @Gidget911 Yes you were throwing shade!!! You should be ashamed off yourself. If I would ever need a nurse I would rather go to Danielle if your so insensitive about the rude thing, that idiot of her husband, said about her body odor I wonder what all you would say on the internet about your patients in the comfort of your home!

            We need to stop being mean to people. Just watch the show and give your opinion without malicious remarks.

            • Sonia

              She should know better

      • jinxie clark

        sorry, but i have a cousin who is as dumb as a box of rocks and she IS AN RN. have no clue how she did it. it took longer than usual, but she did it.
        i don’t think danielle is dumb, she was just naive in believing momo.

      • Celeste Stevenson

        Yup. I don’t want to see her fail. I think she would be a good nurses’ aide or a recreational aide in a nursing home. She has a pleasant personality basically.

    • Guest

      Vagina smell? Huh?

      • Gidget911

        Yes, Mo and Danielle both stated that Mo refused sex with her because she has a smelly vjj and she peed on him. Me has stated that he has asked her a million times to go to the doctor but she has not.

        • Guest

          Yuck! I can’t say I’m surprised though. She does give the illusion of having a lack of hygiene.

          • Es

            Why couldn’t she get a man in the U.S? I really know why!!
            She acts like a child, talks like a child, and is obviously lazy!!
            She wanted arm candy and couldnt get that here in the United States. All she does is CRY! Wha wha Danielle grow up! Concentrate on your children and not where your going to get your next booty call!

            • Gidget911

              Agree totally.

            • Debbie Joy Isley-Lang

              Why do you think he chose her? To get a green card!!

        • Sandra R Keirns

          Did u ever think because he is from a different country he is not articulating his words correctly? Sex does have a odor as far as peeing on him there is such a thing as female ejaculation just a thought ,,,hmmm?

        • Patricia

          She was the one who blurted it out during the reunion show, I mean, come on, the woman needs a common sense pill to take because her kids are old enough to know what she is talking about and some things are just meant to be kept private and Mo tried to keep it private, but she couldn’t keep her mouth shut.

          • Hanna Shader

            Or her legs :/

            • Patricia Ann

              Oh so true!!!

        • Dyan Shane

          umm, God are you dense. He enjoyed sex with her until he came to AMERICA, but POOF, after he got the wedding ring, he has issues. Try so very hard to use that thing between your eyes WE call a brain, i know, i know, it’s hard for you.

          • Gidget911

            Dense? Never that. I am sitting in my office for the government working. Again try to articulate better with your thoughts without calling me names. I am not going to respond to this ignorance any longer. If you want to have an adult conversation then by all means respond. You will not keep trying to trash me over my opinion.

            • Kate Indigo

              You really are full of yourself and arrogant. “I am sitting in my office for the government working.” That doesn’t scream shallow and full of yourself. I don’t know what is. You sound pathetic. Get over yourself lady you are not important.

              • Gidget911

                Your opinion does not mattet

              • sheryl kells

                watch it she is going to call you names now!! OOOOOH aren’t you scared ? LOL it totally amazes me how people can say the most crass things when you don’t agree with them,but it is perfectly fine for her to express HER opinion but don’t anyone DARE disagree with her.! Sounds like a Trumpette to me! if she truly works for the government (lol) she better watch her job Trumps going to drain the swamp, so that includes gidget 911

                • Marcy Scrot

                  I can overlook almost anything you say but do not underestimate Trump fans. If you backed the killer thief you are dumber than dumb. You are guilty of believing all the media lies about trump but want to stand up for loser female with the iq of a wart hog.

                  • sheryl kells

                    I am not a resident of USA , really hope t rump drops dwaf

            • sheryl kells

              is your employer aware you are STEALING company time by posting on social media on company time?? By you own written words you wrote you were at work but you are posting at the same time? That is by definition theft? didn’t you big paralegal brain think of that??
              As for you working for the government?? I don’t believe it for a second?
              In one of your other posts you claim you are a
              you work for a major energy company
              now you work for the government too?
              quoting a childhood phrase:”liar,liar pants on fire”
              As for you obsession for Mo step up and be his sponsor!
              As for his obsession about her smell? men who prefer men are not particularly fond of female scent.

              • Gidget911

                You are the stupid one. All utilities have legal offices and have to report to a commission. Please stop reply to my opinions. We do not have to agree and please stop being disrepectful. You had an opinion but no one else can. Have a great night.

          • jani m

            If she wants a good looking young man that she can turn into a sex while she continues looking unkempt, I bet there are loads of those somewhere in Sandusky. She didn’t have to go overseas looking for a gullible foreigner.

    • Mark Healey

      I have been following the show for sometime, and although, Mohammad is not a saint by any means, I completely agree with you with regards to Danielle. I, for one, don’t really care for her. I don’t find her particularly intelligent; she is not articulate, is illiterate and her grammar sucks!!

      • Patricia

        I totally agree

    • Dyan Shane

      Did you just watch the show Gidget and fall in love Mohamed! Your so transparent, posting all over the boards, do we have a vendetta now. By the way Moe, soon those soft titties are going to need a bra, and that jelly belly, well, keep your t-shirt on. Also, there is help for those eye’s that nearly reach the side of your head. Exercise may help those chicken legs. And as for all the STD smelly diseases you have, get to a doctor, quick.

      • Gidget911

        Yes Dyan Shane, I did watch the show and I can post anywhere I Like, just like everyone else including yourself (we all have opinions). We do not have to agree but the name calling is so unnecessary. No, I did not fall in love with Mohamed, but I sympathised with him after seeing the last few episodes and the sit down. The guess on the panel also said at the sit down they even felt for mo after listening to their story and seeing it play out. The assumption that I have all the STD smelly diseases and I need a doctor, you don’t know me and I do not have those problems. If the only way you can articulate how you feel by calling me names then by all means go for it but if you would like to have an adult conversation then I am all for it. Even with the difference of opinion.

    • jinxie clark

      why do you believe ANYTHING momo says???? according to luisa, his mistress, HE stinks, she said ‘his balls have a very foul odor and there is dead skin falling off of them’. i tend to believe her over momo. maybe he smelled himself and blamed her??????

    • jinxie clark

      i am a woman, so i have no clue what conditions would cause what momo has????? STD???? no clue, but just sounds nasty. oh she also said his feet stink REALLY bad. he seems to have hygiene issues. i believe her because she doesn’t have a reason to lie like he does

    • Kate Indigo

      How do you know she smells? Have you personally been with her to know that. Do you have actually proof that Danielle admitted to having a smelling vagina and peeing on him? Would I find it on the reunion? You sound judgmental on a person you don’t even know. Punishment for what? You sound so full of yourself. You sound like a pathetic human.

    • lorena

      wow….you really hit below the belt – I thought nurses were intelligent? That comment was not only nasty, it was also rather crude.

      • Gidget911

        My crude statement is one that has been stated all over the board. And, again, I stand by my opinion and I will not be bullied by you today. Have a wonderful day because I am.

        • nokutenda

          I think you are full of hate. Get a life. How do you know she smells?

          • Gidget911

            Get a life, do be ignorant. Ignorant to the fact that everyone has an opinion, I stated mine. Not sorry if you don’t agree but having an opinion do not make any opinion right or wrong. Now please do not be antagonistic because I stated how I feel. Good morning and good bye.

            • nokutenda

              It seems you are not happy in your life, the only way you can feel better is by putting others down.

              • Gidget911

                You need to realize everyone has an opinion, as I stated mine. I am very happy in my life. I live a great stress free, drama free life, therefore, I will not RESPOND to YOUR ignorance again. STOP TROLLING .

    • None

      lmao ^^^ comment

  • Michelle

    Congratulations Danielle! Best of luck in the future.

  • The way she turned the waterworks on and off so easily indicates she was playing it for the camera. As for the issue she brought up concerning a smell and pee, most women who have children and are her age know to talk to their doctor. It isn’t 100% that every woman will have a weakened sphincter muscle, but it is something to find out. Deportation is 50/50. She did not tell him that she had criminal record and he left before getting his permanent green card.

    • FR

      It’s true. Childbearing does impact the pelvic floor muscles BUT I honestly believe Mohammed used that as an excuse (he waited until after they got married, despite the fact it would have been nearly impossible to not know when they first met) or straight up lied about it. The problem of urine leakage or odor is very common in African countries like Tunisia because girls give birth at very young ages (they are smaller, not fully physically developed, weigh far less and have little to no medical care before/during/after childbirth). He probably isn’t aware that fistulas are not very common here but they are treated surgically when they occur. Also, even if it is true, is really wrong of him to say that. It smacks of the gender oppression and male dominance so prevalent in the Middle East and Africa.
      Danielle was desperate and alone but he has proven himself to be a user/liar/manipulator since he arrived.

      • They both lied about several things. She admitted they were not intimate until after they were married, so he probably did not know about the more personal things. People are taking her side more, which I don’t understand because both of them are in the wrong. Also I think she plays the victim more because she doesn’t want to admit any of the things she lied about.

        • CasualObserver3

          I thought they said they had sex the first time they met in Tunisia. Not so?

          • Danielle has changed the story a few times. Now she is saying they did not have sex until month after the ceremony.

            • sheryl kells

              NO she said they had sex when she was in TUNISIA,but did not have sex after the marriage until Sept

              • She said they did have sex in Tunisia and she has said they did not have sex in Tunisia. She said they did originally so it would sound better to immigration. She has also said they had sex in Aug. after Ramadan was over. She is now saying they did not have sex until Sept. to make it sound better for the annulment. Whatever sounds best to who she is talking to is what she says. It really doesn’t make any difference as she has admitted she did not tell Mohamed she had a felony criminal history before she married him and that is grounds for a K1 spouse to leave the marriage w/o being deported.

          • pamelal19

            She did say that.

      • sheryl kells

        he also did NOT know what a UNMUTILATED vijj area looks like considering it is common practice in Tunisia and many African countries to practice FGM aka female circumcision

    • Aperson Inscarborough

      I dont think she turned the “waterworks” on and off easily….it is called “editing”

      • The camera was on her the entire time at one point when she started crying and instantly stopped as she gave the host a sly side eye to see how the host was reacting.

        • Patricia

          She is very manipulative ….

          • Mohamed has been consistent with anything concerning his religion which is why I believe some of what he says. I think Danielle said they were intimate in Tunisia to make it sound better for immigration and her family. Now she is making it sound as if he did not want to be intimate until a month after the ceremony. What people are forgetting is that they were married at the beginning of Ramadan. Many sects do not engage in any form of intimacy or physical affection during the month so it makes sense that Mohamed would have waited until Ramadan was over. Now that filming is over for 90 Day Fiancee I think that information from the annulment will come out and we will discover many things Danielle does not want known. There may be stuff about Mohamed as well, but I don’t think anything about him will be as surprising as what we learn about Danielle.

            • Patricia

              Exactly, and like always, there is two sides to every story and people will take sides no matter what.

            • sheryl kells

              Ramadan is 30 days not 60 they married in JULY and didn’t consummate the marriage until Sept Ramada was LONG over.

              • We don’t know when they consummated the marriage because Danielle has changed the story numerous times depending on who she is talking to.

    • Shamarie1970

      FYI – Sphincter is NOT the vajayjay

  • Patricia

    I wonder who Danielle’s co sponsor was….

    • mickey710

      I thought the same thing. I bet they needed a co sponsor because her income was insufficient for the INS requirements.

      • sheryl kells

        TLC probably was the co sponsor.

    • BorgQueen

      Probably some producer from TLC is the co-sponsor.

      They are both wrong. Yes Poor Danielle is so lonely she wants to hold onto to Mohammed and she was not truthful about her finances. Why Mohammed didnt come to US with some money saved and relied totally on Danielle is sad. Yes I understand that he left his job in Qatar and lived off his savings in Tunisia.

      • Patricia

        That does make sense, they are both reality tv gold…. He should of came w/money just in case, maybe he wasn’t as well off as he portrayed himself to be.

  • Betty

    I watched the show they had on Sunday night I feel Mohamed is gay and would never love Danielle. And being gad is not wrong it is to Mohamed because he is muslin, They are really a mixed up pair with one using the other to make life a living hell for both.

    • BorgQueen

      I too felt that he is gay and since he is Muslim he could never admit it publicly. They both got in the marriage for the wrong reasons. All that money Danielle spent on Mohammed should have been spent on her kids and bills.

    • northandwells

      He’s Muslim not muslin.

  • Ratbastid

    Firstly, I don’t think this woman is a nurse, as she doesnt have a very good command of the english language and seems to be “unworldly”. But then again, I don’t know her.
    On another note, however, I have to say that I feel sorry for this woman, she seems quite down to earth and sensitive, however, one has to remember; there’s her side of the story, his side and the truth.
    The way this has unfolded has not been surprising. Danielle is older, she has kids and baggage, she is not doing that well financially and is not overly attractive. The Mohammed guy is an opportunist, he seems dishonest, he is overly emotional, and he is very angry. This was a recipe for disaster from the get go.
    I hope that this woman just gets the marriage annulled and he gets sent back to Tunisia (which is a huge terrorist state by the way), and she can close this chapter and move on.

    • mickey710

      She did not say she is a nurse, she said she has just gotten accepted into the RN program at Bowling Green State College to become a RN.

      • TNC

        She hasn’t gotten accepted into the nursing program. Her certificate says that she was accepted into the college. She will have to do prerequisite classes first and then apply for nursing school. You can’t just go sign up for the nursing program. Look again at what she submitted, it just says she’s accepted into the college, nothing about nursing school.

  • barbinop

    She’ll never make it in nursing school. First she needs to learn how to speak proper English. That’s a joke! Free publicity for the school that’s all. She needs to see a psychiatrist herself. As a nurse myself; I can not picture her handling an emergent situation without falling apart. It made for a good laugh though.

    • Gidget911

      Thank you.

    • She has a criminal record, who would hire her as a nurse if she did pass?

      • Kathy

        I don’t know what the requirements are in Ohio, but in Texas, conviction for passing bad checks is enough to lose your nursing license. She apparently has that conviction and one for credit card fraud. She may have been accepted to the college, but that doesn’t mean she has been accepted into the nursing program. I don’t see that happening.

        • sheryl kells

          she can get the schooling AND her licence the school doesnt give a crap about that they want her $$, getting the job afterwards is the issue.

    • nokutenda

      Who are you to judge her?

      • barbinop


        • Trisha F

          you must be a horrible nurse. With the way you talk about others. I’d hate to have a nurse like you. Judgemental and rude.

    • Spring Whitmer Smith

      I cannot believe how many haters there are that’s actually commenting on this woman’s life situation. I wish her well and is glad she is continuing to move forward in a positive way. Why would anyone want to tear someone down like that. Is your life so perfect that you have room to throw so much shade at someone else.

  • Es

    She probably does smell!! Shes disgusting and immature. Cry baby!

  • Guest

    Why hasn’t she changed her last name yet?

    • Kate Indigo

      She is technically still married.

    • Chesty La Rue

      Because she wants to be his wife.

    • FrankRizzo

      SIMPLE! She’s hoping to use it to escape her past. Change her name, and hoping that her past will go away!

  • Aussie cathie

    Oh dear god she is such a loser!!

  • Joann Lippo

    I can’t stand either one of them, but she was not telling him the truth about her money debt and if even said why didn’t you tell me before and she said she was afraid to say anything for fear that he would not want to be with her. Also she has three daughters living with them why can’t they go out and get jobs and not watch tv all day.

    • Patricia

      Yes, they could help her out, maybe then she wouldn’t of had to commit fraud when she used someone’s credit card. Who does that?

    • Debbie Joy Isley-Lang

      Why does her money marrer? He “loved” her!! He came for a free ride and a green card!

    • jinxie clark

      being in groups where REAL people talk about their journey with the K1 process, they ALL state that the MAN comes up with the VERY EXPENSIVE fees for all that is required to get them here. he REFUSED to pay for ANY OF IT. what a man, NOT. she had to have made enough money to not need a sponsor. i think he did ANYTHING just to get here. that should be what people are worried about, NOT whether danielle is a ‘squirter’ or not. they made a mockery of the K1 process.

      • Chesty La Rue

        Actually she said on the last Tell All episode that there was a sponsor because she didn’t have the money, but she didn’t say who.

        Also, there’s no need to speculate about her money situation because she was taken to court for owing money, fraud, theft, and forgery so many times, it’s easy to find in an Ohio court records search.

        One judgement against her happened on the very day of their wedding. I’m not a betting person, because unlike Danielle, I don’t spend money I don’t have, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that particular case against her is what set off the last minute delays of the wedding while he talked to a lawyer about her debt.

      • Dottie Kinkade

        She did have sponsorship. She said that all along

  • Danielle needs to take care of that STD or vag smell. That’s just disgusting. I’ve been with women large and small, models to what people would say are ugly. I’m more concerned with the person’s inside and not to make a pun but if their inside smells funny I aint going in there for no amount of money or citizenship of any country.

  • Celeste Stevenson

    Obviously there is something wrong with Danielle.

  • Celeste Stevenson

    Just look at what she says and how she acts! I got a Pakistani man deported in 2999 when he went after my daughter who has mental health issues so I’ve been down that road ! They secretly got married a DVD then he tried to take out a $300,000 life insurance policy on her. That’s when I went to my congressman and the INS moved fast, of course I had all kinds of proof against him. He had a limo business.
    One thing – my daughter is beautiful. Danielle has to LOOK in the mirror and be realistic. Immunity begins my mean but just st realistic z My daughter met this man while working a part time summer job. The interned back in the 90s was not like that. day.

    These foreign men will prey on vulnerable “limited” women to get a green card. I know! I literally was fighting fir my dauhter’s life. And I won!!

    • Wraithchild

      Wow! Your daughter is blessed to have you looking out for her! Thank God he got sent back. I’m glad she is safe. She is a survivor. It sucks humans act this way to one another…

  • Celeste Stevenson


  • judgy eyes

    That must be a horrible university ????

  • Jeannie

    I hope her first class is remedial English.

  • barbinop

    You have to feel bad for ” the girls” throughout all of this. Their mother making such a fool out of herself on national tv. Now all the world knows the very private times in their life…..jail time, smelly, pis#y, broke as# mother. If she really was concerned about her girls she would stop making such a fool out of herself. Free Mohammed ?

  • Nina

    Daniel looks like peter griffin and Mohamed looks like borat

  • Dyan Shane

    I have always been team Danielle, i do understand that she fell for this man, i am sure it flattered her he was young and we woman go thru mid life crisis around her age, Dani, find a man your own age, it it will come, someone who loves you and your children.
    Your doing the best thing right now, trying to better yourself, and stay OFF facebook and such, the scum of the earth hang there, and will terrorize you, just read the news storys, you will find some of the real people here, and that most people actually side with you, not the fool. You have to think of your children first and foremost next time, not your heart. Blessing to you, hope you win the lottery after your annulment.

    • jani m

      I doubt it’s an “age” thing. There are 43yrs Olds that are attractive, take care of themselves physically, and have their lives in order that any man of any age would wanna be wit them . Heck, my woman is 44 and I’m 32, but if you see her you’d swear she was 28. No attractive person wants a sloppy looking person as a partner and thats exactly what happened here.

  • Justellmewhy

    I kinda feel sorry for her….I don’t think she is at the maturity level she should be for her age….and it’s a well known fact that it is customary that eastern men do take charge of the household as far as finances and other things pertaining to the “rules” of how the children are raised and their responsibility in the household….maybe that’s what she was looking for…someone to step in and “fix” her broken life…..desperate people often take desperate measures to resolve problems without thinking with a clear mind….don’t get me wrong I think they both had their own agenda going into the situation and when it was realised by each of them the entire situation would be an epic fail they each were or are looking for a way to place the failure in the other…..so in my part of the woods/country….(literally)…we have an old saying….if the dog u feed bites u chase him off because next time it he will take off your hand and then you won’t be able to feed yourself……yes I am a red neck….. with a college education….but I don’t think a master’s degree is needed to know that again they both had personal agendas…it failed and now both are blaming each other saying the most awful things in hopes no one realizes how desperate they both are to meet their own agenda

  • jinxie clark

    i have never thought danielle was anything that scumbag said she was. she was trying to save their ‘marriage’ desperately, not understanding he NEVER LOVED HER. hope he gets deported. he lied, he shouldn’t stay here.

  • Celeste Stevenson

    I setiousky doubt Danielle will be able to handle school to be an RN. Those courses are almost like medical school in this day and age. I know -my niece is an RN and she is very intelligent – had a scholarship to a nursing school. She would show me her study requirements. The science alone is deep and then you have clinicals.

    I hope Danielle makes it BUT I doubt she will and then she will feel even worse for failing. I hope she proves me wrong.

  • Che

    A nurse ? Really? What about a nurses aide instead?

    • Dottie Kinkade

      How about a job in housekeeping??? Oh yeah… you may not be able to be employed with an Arrest Record. Theft anyone???

  • Chesty La Rue

    I don’t know why people believe this woman. All of the cases against her are public record. The two annulments she filed both have a “closed” status per the court. Yet another creditor tried to garnish her wages while he was here on the k1 but they couldn’t because she lost her job. Just a few months after the wedding, they were given an eviction notice. There are over 20 cases against per Ohio court records, including theft, forgery, and fraud. According to the records, she tried to have them sealed earlier this year (gee, I wonder why, maybe to hide her shady past before she went and cried on tv) and she was denied because she is a repeat offender.

    I have no doubt that she downplayed her past and her situation to him before he got here and finding out the truth was a deal breaker. Look at all the other underhanded and dishonest ways she did things to try to keep him, so why wouldn’t she lie to get him here to begin with? She only cares about herself. She even downplayed her criminal past on the show by saying she used a card that wasn’t hers one time to get groceries. One time doesn’t equal over 20 cases against you in court and being called a repeat offender. She lies to get her way and when that doesn’t work she cries to get her way and when that doesn’t work she plays the victim. I would not be surprised if for every case against her, she has a sob story and someone else to blame for what happened.

    I used to think he was skeezy af but after I heard about the fraud, I looked up the records, now I don’t blame him one bit.

    Also, when you agree to divorce someone and separate them and part as friends, you don’t text them and e-mail them constantly, then fly out to see them without discussing it with them. That is crazy.

    Finally, this is about Danielle but more about Nicole in the current season, when you’re that needy, don’t go to an Islamic country where it is illegal and a sin to be affectionate with a woman you are not married to. When you’re that clingy, maybe that’s not the culture for you, and it’s selfish and crazy to go to a place where the man can be flogged for kissing you in public and demand he figure out how to show you off.

    • Purposely. Me

      Dropping the mic! Nicole OMG!

    • Dottie Kinkade

      Love it all! Straight up nut job Danielle. You could not have put it better Chesty.

  • Lorie Campbell Jury

    Damn! People be mean as Hell!!!!

  • Joy Marie

    I would NEVER want to come across her path as a nurse. She doesn’t even seem intelligent enough to have received an acceptance letter. Do they take “just anyone?” What is really disturbing is her saying if Mohammed goes onto public assistance. Let the racism comments begin, but why would she bring that man here so he could go on the welfare rolls? For shame. Both of them, disgusting, and she is too many tools short for the toolbox. Nut case.

    • Dottie Kinkade

      Oh yes she is a Huge Nut Case. Everything she got she asked for! Please… She is as selfish as they come. She brought a man into her children’s lives that she didn’t truly know. He’s most likely closer in age to them than herself. What did she think she had to offer. He’s an opportunist plain and simple. I don’t think he really tried to hide it. It’s no wonder she had to lock him up… Who wouldn’t want to run fast and far from her, the drama and according to him the stench!! A NURSE??? No way, no how. Let’s see, she has an arrest record, is a financial disaster, doesn’t seem to have the basic knowledge of cleanliness… Oh yeah… Please please be a nurse. She is a Staff infection waiting to happen!

  • chacha1

    Her son Corey Mullins threatened Mohamed and was convicted and now has to stay away from him for 2 years …. Corey was guilty and was found guilty …. and what Hospital will hire Danielle when she also has a criminal record …. ???

  • lorena

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • SPM

    This woman is nothing but a pig in heat

  • Monique Ferrini

    Why is she still using Mohamed’s last name? Why?… I thought she said she has moved on…

  • Tammy

    I don’t think if you are on welfare that you can use the monies to bring someone from another country to receive social security benefits. I believe Danielle knew that if she married mono he would then receive social security checks without ever having to work. They both scammed the American taxpayer. so who are the real idiots…..

  • WellhowIseeit

    Personally, she saw a hot guy as a husband and someone to work and take care of her family. What he didn’t understand is that she is massively in debt, he would be continually working to take care of her girls which are of age and should be working.

    From what I remember it’s over 100,000 dollars and she just held on to her last job in hopes of the TLC check coming in. She is going to milk this since TLC will continue to bring them back and pay them.

    Where is she go to find someone who will take on her debt, while her daughters sit around and be princesses. Does anyone work in her household? The girls can look for jobs or they to get married. These aren’t grammar school children.

    So in this age of immigrant bashing I expect her to turn up the dial, get sympathy on her side while she posts another Fund raising video. Really her dragging this out is paying her bills. Don’t be fooled she is very crafty. She has been able to limp by by turning up public dissatisfaction that she is a victim, and created income to support her and her kids. For three years she has dragged this out to pay her bills, and get that TLC check. What is she going to do without the issue with Mohammed? Once it’s over no TLC check, then she has to find a job.

  • Tiffany Philpott

    It is about time this woman done something good for herself and her kids. She was putting that MO before her kids. I would never bring a strange man in my home who I met online around my kids. Finish raising your kids first and then worry about finding a man. I am so happy that I can live by myself and not worry about drama relationships with men.

  • Susan Carter

    Personally, I think Danielle has lots of problems and issues that no sensible man could tolerate. Leave the man alone, he has been punished enough.