Terra Jole jives for first-ever little person dance on DWTS


Terra did great!

Little Women: LA star Terra Jole started off her trailblazing appearance on Dancing with the Stars with a bang.

In the introductory video before her performance, the mom-of-two indicated that she certainly felt the pressure of being the first little person to compete on the show. “I truly do feel like the underdog in this competition. But I don’t want anybody to say, ‘Considering she’s a little person she did great.’ I just want people to say, ‘Terra did great.’ End of discussion.”

The jive had a lot of energy and her professional partner, Sasha Farber, took advantage of the height disparity with a flipping leap over Terra during the routine. It was especially fun to see Farber lift Jole up and carry her off the floor when they were done.

The host and judges were highly complimentary of her first go.

Tom Bergeron: I’ve got to tell you. If you felt scared it did not show. You looked completely confident out there.

Len Goodman: You just had a baby and let me tell you, you delivered twice in a month. You’re small in stature but you’re big in heart.

Carrie Ann Inaba: First of all, I didn’t see a little person. I saw a HUGE star because that was incredible. The way you came out and gave such a dynamic, sexy, sultry performance. You shifted gears right into that jive. Every kick and flick in the right place at the right time. Well done!


  • Courtney

    I can’t stand it when the judges praise people’s dances based solely on who the person is. Am I the only one who saw that Terra messed up a few steps?!?! Not one comment about her messing up! Also, they need to stop dressing her in dresses that hit above the knee.

    • YourMom

      Thank you!!! I thought she sucked!! She did not hit her kicks & flicks. Yes, I realize she is a “little person”, but she did not perform well at all!! Glad somebody else saw what I saw!

      • J.S.

        She did suck.

    • J.S.


    • J.S.

      She did do badly. They didn’t want to upset L.P. BUT SHE IS NOT a celebrity STAR. She is a rotten littly bitch.

  • bambiglanville

    i’ve never disliked a “celebrity” (if that’s what you would call her) so much as Tera. I’ll pass on this season.

    • J.S.

      Me too. Not a celebrity. Just a rotten Little Person.

  • Aussie cathie

    Obnoxious arse!!

    • J.S.

      Worse than that

  • Just Saying

    I can’t stand her or her alcoholic husband. She’s a fat midget bully and always trying to call somebody a ho !!! I dont understand why DWTS want someone like her on the anyway. Elana Gantt should have been the one on there. She’s about the only one on the show that’s not messy. If nothing else we can say we saw a potbellied pig on DWTS.

    • J.S.

      Your so right

      • Just Saying

        I use to enjoy this show but, Im passing this season. Terra and Tonya keep more shish started than anybody on this show. Terra always says that she’s not in nobodys business when in reality she’s in everybody business. Jasmine has gotten just as messy as the other girls. Joe is a bitch in disguise. All the other husbands stay out of the girls drama and he jumps right in there with them. Sometimes even started it. They are some lousy parents. They’re so nosy and try to be at everything. Who has their children? They don’t mind being part-time parents. Glad Im not in LA because I will fight a midget. I would love a piece of Tonya and Terra. I dont care how short and fat they are.

  • J.S.

    Terra is a bully and that dance was very bad she should of stayed home.L.P.LA.stinks the little black boss is a bully also but a Terra is the worse.her much smaller husband is a nothing too.drunk all the time they have no class.Raisin childred ,who what that get older will be embarrassed by the way their parents acted. I not going to ever watch that show unless some major changes are made .like Matt and Brianna. And all the foul mouth people are gotten rid of. Keep Jas.keepChristie,keep I am sorry I forgot the Russen girl.

  • Disappointed

    I can’t believe how the judges are praising Terra. I agree with everyone that she sucks. I can’t stand to watch her dance, it’s actually uncomfortable to watch her dance. If I were on that cast I would be very upset on how the judges are giving her 8s. It’s ridiculous and when she cries and has the crocodile tears. It’s a joke. I hope other people see that she sucks and how the judges are giving her high points because of her disability. Does anyone remember the veteran that was partner with Sharna, his name is Noah and how the judges were hard on him and he fought for our country and she’s a snobby witch to put it mild . I hope people see it and vote her off really quick.

    • Gina Gould

      I totally agree!

  • Gina Gould

    WTF this is very weird to have her compete with a regular size person, how about a partner short in stature..
    Just saying… and Ryan, your time is up, how can he be on the show with how he disgraced America???

  • Gina Gould

    WTF she is safe,also Julianne YOU are not a KNOW IT ALL!!!

  • rose

    She was not good at all, but will make it to the finals I’m sure

  • Karen

    I have never missed a season of DWTS but I can’t watch this year. Who wants to watch Terra dance? PLEASE. DWTS is the best you can do?