Married at First Sight Season 4 spoilers: Are Nick and Sonia still together?

Nick and Sonia

Married at First Sight season 4 is in full swing. The honeymoons are over and the couples are moving in together. Even though Derek are Heather may be on the brink of divorce, Nick & Sonia and Tom & Lillian are going strong.

Fans of the show are always eager to find out which couples decide to stay together and which divorce. Online sleuths scour the internet looking for any evidence of the final decision. Unfortunately, the cast always does a great job of keeping mum about the outcome of their marriages, instead keeping us guessing until the very end.

But one couple may have just let the cat out of the bag!

On Sunday afternoon, both Sonia and Nick tweeted a funny comment about meeting someone named Felicia.

Based on these tweets, it appears that Sonia and Nick were together at Home Depot — a sure sign they are still in a relationship. Not to mention the tweets were posted within an hour of each other.

Fans picked up on this right away, but Sonia denied there was any connection. Nick got in on the conversation and played it off saying, “great minds think alike” and “like for real this time..😂😂. You would know if I was trying to trick ya.most ironic thing!!!”

Nick and Sonia

It may not be the smoking gun viewers are looking for, but it gives us hope for a happy outcome for Nick and Sonia.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen evidence that Nick and Sonia are still in each others’ lives. A few weeks ago, Derek and Sonia both posted a pic to Instagram showing all the guys– plus Sonia–hanging out together in celebration of her birthday.

happy birthday @soniagranados so happy to celebrate with you and the #marriedatfirstsight fam! #marriedatfirstsight

A photo posted by Derek Schwartz (@derek_mafs) on

And check out some more pics of the cast hanging out together:

Look who else I found last night! @lillyvilchez

A photo posted by Derek Schwartz (@derek_mafs) on

my bros @tom_mafs and @nick_mafs finally the 3 of us together #marriedatfirstsight

A photo posted by Derek Schwartz (@derek_mafs) on

Heather and Sonia Lily Sonia David

It’s clear everyone is friends off camera. Now, if we could just figure out whether they’re still married…

Don’t forget to tune in to Married at First Sight on Tuesdays at 8/7c on FYI.

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  • Victoria

    I stopped watching after last season😴😴

  • FrontDoorMom

    I stopped watching after the FIRST season. I feel that was the only true season. Seems like love motivated reality shows are super fake after the first season in ALL shows. Once all the watchers and wanna be contenders think they can fake it to be on tv.

  • Che

    I thunk the guy army g u y and the flight attendant was a bad match. Also I think the flight attendant didn’t find him attractive at all and things just snowballed from there.

    Sonia tramatic experience with a dog scratching a child …😒. Is really lame.. I thought for sure she may have been chased or bitten by a dog once. She shouldve just said she doesn’t like dogs.

    Lily n tom… seem like they could work..but it’s still too early.

    • Ash

      When she said it was “freaky” he cared for his dogs so much I was out on her! She’s so timid it’s annoying

      • Che

        Yeah. I wanted to like her …

      • Míchelle Rose

        I do like her except for that…I can’t trust a person that doesn’t love animals…his dogs are not pit bulls but friendly and small…get over the fear……it is lame.

        • Che

          The big white one… looks like pit bull to me or pitbull mix. And pitbulls aren’t bad. It’s the people that own them. And the inbreeding idiots do to make a few bucks etc.

          • Mary Fischer

            Speaking of dogs, who were the two new dogs with Lily and Tom and where was Zeus?

            • Che

              Zeus followed lily when she came into the house afyer the bad news from the doctor. Not sure who the other dogs belong to…

        • Juvenileboss

          scuse me, but nothing wrong with Pit Bulls..they are very sweet

          • Shelbie VanGenderen

            I think that Sonia is the best catch on the entire show! Say what you want, but Nick was a gentleman with not kissing and telling, even though they were in an argument. As far as Lillian and Tom is concerned, seems like he has an inferiority complex to Lillian and her success! He claims he’s not concerned about money, but he SHOULD BE! His bus is a hoopty!! No air conditioner In Florida??? Come on!!!!!!

          • Debbie

            I totally agree. I think pit bulls are the most affectionate loving breed.

        • Stacy Kelly

          So she does not like dogs…you are the one with the problem as everyone according to YOU …should like dogs. Small minded you are. A Pissa to live with I bet.

    • Rstevens812 .

      I agree! She didn’t get a hot Ken-doll look-a-like and she was done with it.

    • Stacy Kelly

      Having been attacked by a dog is traumatic to some people. Sonia is not out of line with her feelings. And who are you to state that it is “lame” to feel thT way? Obviously you are closed minded and project what YOU think. Now THAT is LAME

      • Che

        She wasn’t attacked . She said a she saw a saint Bernard scratch a child. What’s lame is you trolling. Maybe you can find jule’s soon to be ex husband and yall can troll together.

        • Stacy

          Btw. Your pic says it all. You are a crazy nut job

          • Che

            …. bye Stacy.

  • Atomicpoodle

    Heather comes across as being joyless, bland, and negative to be around in so many ways. “Blah” with a capitol “B”. She rarely smiles or appears happy and her body language is defensive and confrontational almost all the time. It’s as if she has spent a lifetime building emotional barriers because she has no personality or ability to reach out to someone and be loving…..unless everything goes her way. Derek has a monumental task to get her to be any type of partner/friend/wife in any sense of the word.

    • Jackie G

      You hit the nail on the head. She is so negative and seems boring. She refuses to look at herself as the problem and shows no flexibilty. Zero personality. Yuck!!! Plus she wasted EVERYONE’S time. Derek, the advisors, FYI, producers and so on. Heather you suck and the sad part is I think you knew it all along. LOSER.

    • S. Mary Doran

      She never for one second owned how she behaved. Maybe it is too soon and she is too defensive. But she never once said, “I am sorry that I acted like a bitch or wasn’t kind to you–that I gave off ever bit of vibe that I found you repulsive, to the point of not even being able to ride my bike next to you, or walk next to you, and instead was always sprinting ahead or stalking off in my own direction expecting you to come after me like a puppy dog, because I couldn’t stand you that much.” Her language instead was “I am sorry that the situation did not turn out in a way more to your liking. I am sorry that there was unpleasantness.”

  • Greg

    Are we sure they are still married? I am thinking Nick is gay. I feel bad to say that, but he just gives off that vibe.

    • leannael

      Quite strongly. My gaydar is off the charts.

    • Stacy Kelly

      Nick is the most boring , dull, unattractive guy MAFS has picked up. I cannot stand him and flabbergasted Sonia likes…or liked him. There is nothing to like. He is totally dull, with the flattest affect I have seen from a supposedly normal person. Joy does not come to mind when I see him. He is a nasty drunk. Looks and acts like someone high as well. Hope Sonia finds a NICE guy…for sure nick is not it

    • Amilia Azahari

      Yeah. Ikr.. I also feel the gay vibe from him

    • Chuck Playa

      I am with you, bro. (ASSUMING YOU ARE A BRO). Nick did come off as homosexual. Not that this is a bad thing, just don’t be a fraud at Sonia’s expense.

  • Tina

    I don’t like heather she reminds me of the girl on season 3,she’s just like a cold fish,I think Derrick deserves so much better,he wants to have fun and enjoy life and he’s fine too!!. Heather lied too she said she didn’t mind a occasional smoker but now she flip the script. Stop trying to have everything your way heather marriage is about compromise.

  • leannael

    Serious gay vibe from Nick.

  • Tom

    So obvious Nick is gay…Sonia deserves a straight guy…
    Derek.. showing character flaw of weak and misogynistic… notice berates Heather when didn’t get his way….

    • Gina Halso

      I disagree!! I think Heather did not like something he did and she thought she was better “above” that and shut him out! He smoked! She drank! When on vacation and excited and nervous about all that was going on I can see you using those vices. She should have waited to see how it was during normal live. She should have gave the marriage a chance!!

      • omnidblstandards

        Right on, Gina!

  • Stacy Kelly

    I want to know why did the pros pick nick out with 33,000 people applying? Is he the best there is? If I were Sonia I would be highly insulted that they thought he would be my
    Match. He is AWFUL!!! Dull, boring, unfriendly, introverted, and can communicate with a dog? RUN the other way!

  • Stacy Kelly

    Heather is s bitch. She is mean and seeing her drunk should have been derricks cue of what she is like…and run the other way. Personally I would not want anyone who smoked …and this talk tale of smoking once in a while was not true. BUT heather should have known that people do not smoke “once in s while”. They are addicted and smoke all the time. She should have either sAid forget ANYONE who smoked or grill them mercilessly on their habit. She would have found out that it was not once in a while. As she did on the show

  • Stacy Kelly

    I think Tom is a total gem. Reminds me of Adam Levine. But he is a really nice guy I’m sick and I am surprised he has not found love until now

  • omnidblstandards

    I’ve already shared my disgust with Heather, and outside of a couple man-haters everyone else agrees.
    Nick is an idiot. He actually said their relationship should require no effort at all because they were scientifically matched. Uh, so? ALL relationships take work to succeed, you dummy! Sonia is a sweetheart. Hope Nick grows up.

  • Chuck Playa

    Derek is the man. Something tells me that after some face time on TV, he will do just fine in the chick department. Heather just couldn’t hang. That’s ok, but don’t blame Derek for something as petty as smoking. After all, he was willing to support her during her bouts with drinking.

  • Ana Dudley

    Personally, I think they should have matched Sonia with Derek. Heather and Nick seem to have the same cold bitchy personality, so maybe that would have worked out too.