Leah Messer posts bikini photo looking skinny, internet freaks out

Leah Messer skinny bikini photo

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer joined friends and family for some swimming pool summer fun over the weekend, and she shared numerous pictures, including one picture in which she is sporting a bikini and looking quite thin — perhaps WAAAAY too thin judging from the commenters and blogs!

In the photo (above), Leah is seen standing beside an above ground pool with a couple of her gal pals and she captioned the photo “What would I do without my boos!? #sisters #cousins #Family #Pool #Summer2016 ❤️” Leah has clearly lost some weight, and her frame is quite toned to say the least. Here is a cropped and zoomed version:

Teen Mom 2 Leah Messer bikini photo

I won’t bother to share examples of the comments left on the photo, but I will point out that Radar Online did a story about the picture that they labeled “Skin and Bones” and titled “Leah Messer Debuts SCARY Skinny Body In Barely-There Bikini: ‘She Looks Sick!’

So what do you think? Leah has always been rather thin, but do you think she is too thin?

Here are a couple side-by-side bikini photos of Leah for comparison — the earlier one being from 2012:

Leah Messer bikini photos before and after

Personally, I don’t think Leah looks unhealthily thin or anything in the new picture, but I do think it is a bit concerning because she has never really seemed to be all that into fitness — and I think to be that toned in a healthy way (as opposed to just not eating much at all) would require a lot of working out. Leah was dating physical trainer T.R. Dues there for a while, so perhaps she has been spending a lot of time at the gym? If so, we’ve seen nothing much about it on Teen Mom 2 or social media.

UPDATE – Leah Messer responded to the concerns about her weight in a statement to Refinery 29:

“First and foremost, there is much more to women than our bodies,” Messer said. “Yet many women seem to continually judge others, not by their character, but by their bodies. There are many more important issues going on in the world today than whether or not I had enough to eat for breakfast. (Side note: I had plenty.)”

Messer continued, “We should be focused on spreading love and kindness instead of mean-spirited bullying. Thankfully I am in a beautiful place in my life raising three wonderful, kind, loving and confident little girls. The last thing I would want for them is to feel that they, too, could be ridiculed for their bodies. So let’s stop with the shaming, start supporting one another, and focus on what really matters.”

Annnnnnnnyways… Let’s wrap this up with some non-controversial summer pool fun:

My baby!!❤️

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  • Blair Waldorf

    Everyone always speaks about her anxiety and drug addiction but I’m honestly curious – maybe she’s been suffering from eating disorders also. As someone who has, this picture breaks my heart.

    • Rayne

      Eating disorders from speed pills

      • Courtney

        Right?!? She’s totally the type of mom to steal and take her kids ADD meds or something too!

        • Kmarie


        • Pattipandi

          She doesn’t need to steal them from her kids, she probably gets the script for her “narcolepsy”

        • Morgan

          She would.

      • Kmarie

        Exactly. If any of her kids had ADD I would definitely say Adderall but I feel good about saying she went to the doctor and told him that she didn’t even have the energy to push the buttons on the microwave and he gave her something for it.

    • Lisa C.

      Well, that is nice of you to feel sympathy for her but don’t I don’t think it’s an eating disorder at all.

    • Kmarie

      Hope you are good now.😊

  • jlt0102

    She’s always been very naturally thin but she definitely looks much healthier in the older picture….

  • Rayne

    She is so fkn ugly and gross. I guess no one told her the bikini top goes over your boob not under your arm and almost around to your back.

  • discoatnine

    I am far from the biggest Leah fan but other than her stomach and chest she actually looks otherwise healthy.

    • Amberly

      Lol well that would just leave her legs…lol

      • Emily McDougall

        Arms are a thing ya know

    • DoogieHowser

      I agree, she doesn’t look terribly unhealthy. The implants and loose skin make it look worse than how it is being taken. The real issue comes from Leah’s known drug habits and the reputation of rapid weight loss that comes with abusing various drugs. We don’t trust her to not abuse substances. Her thighs have a healthy amount of meat on them. If she suddenly looses her thighs in addition to the current weight loss, then there is no denying that there is an issue.

      • Beezow

        I’m inclined to believe you, since doogie howser is your avatar. :)

      • Kmarie

        First of all..lol if she has implants you must be talking dental because I don’t think they make implants that small. Second I have known of a few girls in my day and I’m closing in on 50 that have been on drugs and they had weight loss a couple had big weight loss but they didn’t lose much in the legs. My best friends family member is one and a girl I went to high school with is another they both lost a lot of weight but still looked toned.

        • Freefall

          She definitely has implants and yes they DO make them “that small” (hers aren’t really small, they’re at least 250ml but whatever. Pre filled implants come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, from less than 50ml to over 500ml, and saline are often filled after placement )

          • Kmarie

            Okay don’t be so serious I was kidding about making them not being made that small in other words if she has them she should get her money back. I don’t have them but I am very aware of all the facts. A close friend of my parents has worked for a plastic surgeon for about 22 years now. I could be wrong I’m human but as of right now I stand by my opinion and I would also like to say that if she does have them they didn’t do her any good.

            • Morgan

              Right because she looks the same . If you zoom on the side by side photos the only thing different is her chest is very skinny like skeletal. Also if you look at photos of her when the twins were babies and toddlers she looks the same. There is a couple of photos of her on the beach in a yellow bikini bottom with striped or chevron top where she almost looks a little bigger.

          • Morgan

            Leah has stated she has never had any work done and her only surgeries were c section and at the dentist when she was with Jeremy.

        • DoogieHowser

          She used to have very small A cups even after giving birth. Considering the large jump in size that didn’t happen gradually and the shape, I would be surprised if they were not implants. I don’t know too much about drug related weight loss other than it’s a real thing.

          • Kmarie

            I don’t see a difference in the two photos at all as far as that goes. There is NO large jump in size. You must be looking at the padded bathing suit top that is too big for her.

          • Thea

            They look like implants. Too high, too big, dead giveaway.

            • Morgan

              They don’t look like implants to me they look like soggy kid size hamb buns

  • twelfthnight

    I’m sorry but she is not ‘toned’. She’s a druggie and feeds her kids cheese puffs for dinner. She’s not sitting in the gym working out to get toned, she’s as lazy as a person can get.

    Her legs look like a normal, healthy weight but her torso and up look like she’s been deflated.

    • Booty Fingers

      That’s what I said, her arms and legs look okay it’s her chest and face that’s scary

  • Rayne

    Freddy Krugers daughter.

  • Lisa

    She’s not remotely “toned”. She’s underweight and her sternum and ribs are protruding. Whether she’s on drugs, or has an eating disorder, I don’t know. She looks gross.

    • Victoria

      😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😷😷 thats all I can say

    • sysmjp

      Seriously. This writer be trippin.

    • Kmarie

      A lot of us have been saying for couple months or so that she went from downers to uppers.

    • Myndee

      I was going to say, it looks like a ripple or something down the center of her stomach. It does not look ok!

  • Alisson Leech

    Maybe Leah is sick!

    • Thea

      Yes. I believe the medical community calls it “drug addiction”…😂

      • Alisson Leech


      • Morgan

        That’s what I think. Pill popper.

  • Booty Fingers

    I mean she has always been thin, the problem I see is her chest and her face. Her arms and legs look fine. She looks like a fuqin scarecrow. Geesh her face is scary

    • Kmarie

      She kind of has that Tori Spelling chest except I think Toris is a birth defect.

      • Booty Fingers

        Tori’s chest comes from a botched boob job with those ugly early 90’s recalled wonky bolt ons that look like two naval oranges stuffed under her skin

        • Kmarie

          Ya I knew she had a boob job in her 20’s but I read one time that it had something to do with her breast plate. It was on some crap about celebrities with birth defects.

    • Kmarie

      I know right. All she needs is blades on her fingers and a striped bathing suit.

    • Morgan

      Yes she does. She looks 10 yrs older than her age.

  • TA

    I don’t think Leah has ever taken care of herself, she probably wasn’t taught how to judging by her Mom, sister, and cousins that have been on the show. She smokes heavily, and probably doesn’t eat often or well.

    • Kmarie

      Well her momma, step dad, and the rest of the family definitely aren’t missing any meals. Maybe they all ate Lehuhs.

      • Myndee

        It would explain why Leah thinks it’s OK to feed a kid sugar packers and frosting then. It was probably her favorite meal growing up!

  • Stacey J

    Her body is definitely skinny but what’s up with her face? She looks like something is really wrong.

  • Chewy

    White trash above ground pool

    • Beezow

      Right next to the driveway! Or, they park their cars on the lawn. Could go either way with that family.

    • Kmarie

      Now that’s not nice. We have to have an above ground pool because our ground shifts too much for an in ground pool. Ours is about 5 times that size though with a deck 3/4 of the way around.

  • August

    Hey Asa, just curious…how do you write these articles with your lips firmly planted on Leah’s ass?

  • Rayne

    That belly button piercing looks real stupid. Do people still do that? Seems like it was a fad. She looks like a fishing luer.

  • Alisson Leech

    Leah is going to be fat according to her thighs!

  • BabyDoll0984~~HEATHER’S FACE

    Her face is nightmare inducing. Jesuss! I’m not even trying to snark.

  • loofah

    I feel like the marks on her skin could be the remainder of any stretch marks from pregnancy…but her overall appearance is suggestive of either an eating disorder or some kind of substance abuse. I don’t think it’s mean, or “bullying” to observe that someone isn’t healthy in appearance…aren’t these girls meant to be role models?