Cynthia Bailey, Vicki Gunvalson, Gretchen Rossi, Adrienne Maloof filming new show together

RHOAO Real Housewives of All Over with Adrienne Maloof Vicki Gunvalson Cynthia Bailey and Gretchen Rossi

Real Housewives worlds collided over the weekend, as current and former stars from East and West Coast franchises got together in Los Angeles–where one of them revealed the group was “filming our upcoming show!”

The group consisted of these four Bravolebrities:

Cynthia Bailey – The Real Housewives of Atlanta (current)
Adrienne Maloof – The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (former)
Vicki Gunvalson – The Real Housewives of Orange County (current)
Gretchen Rossi – The Real Housewives of Orange County (former)

The fierce female foursome shared numerous photos and videos from the weekend, including this shot of them together in what looks to be a television studio. Adrienne Maloof tweeted the picture and revealed the project is an “upcoming show” with the caption: “Had so much fun with these lovely ladies yesterday filming our upcoming show! #staytuned ?”

Real Housewives Adrienne Maloof Gretchen Rossi Cynthia Bailey Vicki Gunvalson

Gretchen Rossi seemed to reveal a little more with this next video, which she hashtagged #wefilmedforafunnewshowtodayonFox

So: the ladies were all together for one day filming a fun new show for Fox. Wait, what?! I have no idea what that could mean!

While you ponder the possibilities, here’s another photo of the four together — this time in an elevator courtesy of Cynthia:

If you’re an avid Housewives fan, which is likely if you have read this far, then you are probably astonished that frenemies Vicki Gunvalson and Gretchen Rossi could seem so chummy. But just wait! Check out this next mind-blowing video clip of Vicki Gunvalson hugging Slade Smiley! Slade actually kisses Vicki on the cheek!!! @sladesmiley & @vickigunvalson making nice ??? #whoknewthiscouldeverhappen #movingforward #miracleshappen ?

A video posted by Gretchen Christine Rossi (@gretchenrossi) on


Sorry – my jaw dropped onto the keyboard there for a moment. Actually, to be completely accurate, Slade hugged Vicki and she never really reciprocated as her arms remained stiffly be her side throughout. But, still!!

Needless to say, we will keep our eyes and ears out for news on what this mystery show is. (When I first saw the photos I was going to guess Celebrity Family Feud, but that’s an ABC show. So–perhaps another team competition show? Any guesses y’all?)

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  • Wtf

    Wow….Adrienne looks awful. And she already looked overly plastic before. Gretchen looks pretty terrible too. These ladies need to learn when to chill on the Botox!

    • Lisa

      Maybe she needs to go on her ex husbands show Botched!

    • festie

      When did any of them look good/normal?

      • Wtf

        I actually thought Gretchen was beautiful when she very first started on the show. She’s aged herself drastically though!

  • Courtney

    Funny how Vicki and Gretchen kinda look like each other now! Slade, here’s a preview of what Gretchen will look like at Vicki’s age!!! ?lol

    • Emily

      Hahaha…that’s the long running joke the guys on the “Watch What Crappens Podcast” have. That Vicki keeps getting plastic surgery to slowly become Gretchen’s twin! And good point- Slade made fun of Vicki and called her Miss Piggy but soon enough, as Gretchen gets older and Vicki continues to cryogenically freeze her face, they will meet in the middle and look identical! Then Slade won’t be able to tell them apart!?

      • Courtney

        Lol! Also, I think Mr. & Mrs. Guinea Pig, the Dubrows, actually look exactly like Porky and Petunia Pig!!! Omg you have to Google P&P Pig… I think it’s hilarious since they call themselves Mr. & Mrs. Guinea Pig! ?

        • Emily

          Oh my god! They really do!!! ??? She even has the same color hair as Heather!

  • EK620

    These pictures should be used in a PSA warning about the effects of too much plastic surgery.

    • iloverealitytv

      Except Cynthia. You have to admit she looks like a beauty queen compared to the rest of those cat face women.

    • Nahhdas

      jajajaj!!! Specially Adrianne. She can’t even smile

  • Emily

    I’m kind of surprised Bravo let Gretchen back on the roster. If anyone saw the RHOC “Uncensored” special they really seemed to hate her! She was being super dramatic in the interviews but none of the producers had anything good to say about her and they kept complaining that she was really boring to film! I just can’t believe this means we have to stomach more footage of that desperate fame wh•re Slade ? Annnnnd Adrienne’s face…

  • Mrs C.

    Too much damn plastic! Gretchen is starting to look like Vicki ?

    • Myndee

      That’s what I was thinking! She looks very puffy and waxy

  • ~Medusa~

    Any show that includes Shrieki Gonefullofsh*t has got to be a loser. Vickileaks has shown the world that she’s a pathetic sagging sack of silicone and scamming, LYING LIAR Face!!! She is the lowest form of being – having crawled from the primordial ooze.. It’s where she slithers, at the end of the day.

  • festie

    Bravo has really gone to the dogs! All of the ones nobody cares to see! I’m so glad I don’t have access to Bravo since cutting the cord!!