Kylie and Tyga move in together, because youth is when you make mistakes

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Stories of Kylie and Tyga back together have been all the rage this week, in large part because the 18-year-old Jenner’s fans (and detractors) have a hard time understanding why she would sign herself up for a fourth go-round with the 26-year-old alleged serial cheater. Given that level of incredulity, it should be even harder for observers to understand why Kylie would open up the doors of her $6 million mansion and let Tyga move in–but it seems that’s exactly what she’s done.

If a quote from People wasn’t enough to convince you that the pair were back in each other’s arms, E! made things super-duper official with an article claiming that “their breakup made them a stronger couple.” According to the network responsible for Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the two love-ish birds are “definitely, officially, 100% back on,” and only separated in the first place because “they needed a reset.” (In case you’d lost track, that was their third reset since last May.) Kylie has also called the reconcilliation “fate,” and referred to Tyga as “my husband,” leading people to question whether she knew what those words meant.

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Tyga, whose entourage keeps him from getting lost in crowded places, has tried to seal the latest iteration of this relationship by moving into Kylie’s new house. It’s been widely speculated that the chief reason for his move-in is the thousands of dollars that Tyga still owes creditors, some of whom are former landlords who’ve kicked him out of their properties because he failed to pay rent. (As DListed put it, “Congratulations, Tyga! You found a house that a landlord won’t evict you from!”)

Shortly after Tyga dropped his bags on the guest bed, he and Kylie were spotted making out on the sales floor of a Bentley showroom in Beverly Hills. They didn’t buy a car…this time.

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  • Kmarie

    Tyga and Chyna have big plans for the Kartrashians . By the time Tyga gets enough money out of Kylie and Chyna will be pulling child support from Rob they will have a nice little nest egg for themselves !!

    • Alisson Leech

      I think so too.

  • Aussie cathie

    What does one expect when pimpmama enabled her to become the plaything of this putrid looking pedo!!!

    • Kmarie

      So wild to me how Kris is all for them screwing just any random guy. I am not in their lives but I would bet she doesn’t try to talk any sense into her she tries to hard to be her friend. Is she her manager as well ?

      • Aussie cathie

        Sure is!!

  • “it should be even harder for observers to understand why Kylie would open up the doors of her $6 million mansion and let Tyga move in–”
    1. I thought she was selling the house??
    2. Having him move in is probably part of a drama plot on the show KUWTK.